2018 BMW 4-Series - Demo LEASE Deal Check Please

I think I’m getting a great deal however it is a DEMO / Managers car and a 2018 that has 4,600 miles on it. I’ve heard never to get these cars due to abuse and constant red-lining but a deal is a deal and that’s what a warranty is for.

Also, I’m not familiar with BMW Demo car discounts to be had.

MSRP: $57,993.00
Dealer Discount: <$9,000.00> (15.5%)
Dealer Fees: $995.00

GROSS CAP RATE: $49,988.00

DAS: $0.00
Lease Rebate: <$3,000.00>
Loyalty Rebate: <$2,500.00>
Grad Rebate: <$1,000.00>


ADJUSTED CAP: $43,488.00 (25%)

Months: 36
Mileage: 10
MF: 0.00182
RF: 57%

Monthly Payment: $456.00 (includes state tax)


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Go drive it home. Good deal

car is under warranty, I wouldn’t make that a determining factor

Which 4 series is this?

2018 - 440 Gran Coupe i

That’s a good deal for a 4 series, especially if thats in Texas. What’s your out of pocket/drive offs?

Break this down…putting money down on a lease is a no-no, this seems like a red flag

Pretty sure that’s the incentives being applied as cap cost reduction. Theres $6500 of incentives.