2018 BMW 340i xDrive Msport loaner $349+tax. 1st mo, doc fee, bank fee, reg and MSDs DAS (includes loyalty) SOLD!

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**MSRP: $56,xxx
**Sale price: $47,600
**Monthly Payment: $349+ tax
**Drive-Off Amount: 1st month, doc fee, bank fee, registration
**Annual Mileage:10k
**Residual: 59.2
**Available Incentives: includes loyalty (please use $5000 instead of $6000 if you don’t qualify)
**Leasehackr Score:13

M Sport
Sport seats
HK sound
Blind Side assist
Heated Steering



Fantastic deal, less than I’m paying for my loaner which had a lower msrp.

Hi please pm me all the details of the deal. I’m in NJ and do not qualify for loyalty. By the way, is the mileage 10K or 12K? The calculator shows 12K.

Seems like 2 year would drop the payment about 17/mo? I would highly recommend if that’s an option!

PM sent @nextlevelautobrokers

Wow such a beauty

wow. Any more BMW deals? Looking for a couple of cars.

Can you do a deal out of state? I’m in Michigan

Can you do this deal in PA?

Please PM me with detail. I am living in Jersey City.

Pending Sale

Updated with options list…really really nice build.

They have a 330 M sport for roughly the same percentage discount

Is this 15% off before incentives?

Yes, that what the calculator says :slight_smile:

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Definitely a superb deal!

Oops, didn’t see it. Having a hard time getting more that 12% off in NE.

isnt the effective discount 14% including doc? Is it just me that doesn’t see this as a crazy deal. When you factor in the mileage penalty it is 12.3 percent, which can be done on new on an aging 18, no?

Theorizing a deal is all great but actually try and going out and getting what you’re talking about is a lot harder than you think. I know because I’m in the market for this.

The reason everyone’s jumping on this is because it’s a good deal (even tho not a unicorn) served on a silver platter with no work on the customer’s side.

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Great deal man!

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Oh 100% agree with you.

The OP has previously told people that 12-14% off an aged NEW model should be your target