2018 BMW 340i xDrive, 10k annual miles. $371/month + $950 down + $500 transfer fee

@kubikdanon got me a screaming deal on this 340i xDrive just a few months back, but I’m upgrading to even more speed as wild as that sounds! As a result, I have to let this one fly! Vehicle is located in Northeast Ohio.

Exterior: Black Sapphire Metallic
Interior: Black Dakota Leather w/ Oyster Stitching

Monthly Payment: $371/mo (expect payment to be adjusted if your tax rate is higher than 6.75%)
Drive-Off Amount: $500 BMW lease transfer fee + $950 to me
MSDs: $0
Months Left: 19
Current Mileage: 3,200
Original Contract Total Miles: 20,513
Miles for rest of the term: 17,000 approximately
Original Term Length: 24 months
Lease Start Date: 04/10/2019
Lease End Date: 04/10/2021
MSRP: $58,700


  • M Sport Package
  • Heated Seats & Steering Wheel
  • Blind spot and Park distance control
  • Nav w/ CarPlay, Harmon Kardon speakers & More

Car is in immaculate condition. I live in the suburbs, work in the suburbs and park it in the garage every night. No city living for this BMW! Please PM if interested. Car will be available for pickup 8/31, assuming BMW transfer process is completed.



Very interested, PM sent.

I have responded to all active PM’s. Thanks for your interest everyone. Will be available tomorrow afternoon.

$371 includes tax, but might vary if others tax rate isn’t the same as yours? Or is $371 before tax?

$371 is my actual payment. Would be higher if someone has a tax rate greater than 6.75% like me.

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I’d adjust your listing to 348+Tax

For example, a transfer to NH saves $21/month in Tax.

Maybe I am wrong though. Being that I’m in a state that levies taxes upfront (Ohio) and the second option on the lease calculator, does BMW FS consider my entire payment to not include any taxes? If it’s transferred inside of Ohio would anything change or if it’s transferred outside of Ohio would they add tax? This portion of things is over my head. Thanks for your help!

Paging @kubikdanon for some assistance!

It will be re-adjusted to a new tax rate if it’s higher. Not sure if it’s going to change if tax is less than original, though. I transferred my 328d few months back to a person with a lower sales tax, and his payment stayed the same…


This makes a lot of sense. Because this is a transfer and not a new vehicle sale in the eyes of BMW, they assume taxes have been paid on the vehicle being Ohio. Sounds like a small adjustment would be made if their tax rate was over 6.75% though. Generally speaking, looks like payment should stay around the $371 and would not be reduced. Thanks @kubikdanon

Pending! Thanks everyone for your interest!

PM a mod to re-open if the deal falls through.

Alive again. Previous buyer couldn’t qualify. Aggressively reduced the cash to me. If you don’t have decent credit or better, be a big enough person to realize that :smiley:

Send me a PM. I will respond as quickly as possible to all of them like I did last time. Thanks!

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Great car. Great price!

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Just FYI, I am under the assumption when you take over a lease, the new lessee will not get maintenance included in the lease, it is only included with the original buyer/lessee. You will have to pay out of pocket for any maintenance. Is this correct ?

That is accurate. This would’ve made a larger difference on the previous plan, but ever since they chopped it down to basically oil only, it matters much less. Additionally, you still have the manufactures warranty. A 24 month lease is also ALOT more attractive as you won’t have to replace the tires upon return.

Still available. So many “very interested” people. Please don’t contact me unless you’re ready to submit an application to BMW. Thanks all!


Ahhh the life of a broker lol


You might want to double check on the tax thing so you don’t end up having a deal fall through last minute. A friend of mine ended up finding out the hard way on a lease from NJ. Since your state levies the tax up front, that money has already been paid to the state and the cost was capitalized into the lease. If the state the buyer is in sees the transfer of the lease as a sale, then the buyer is going to be responsible for their taxes on top of the existing payment. Technically the owner is the same lease company so it didn’t really change hands, but it is going to be registered fresh in the new state and I would think that is seen as a taxable purchase in most jurisdictions.