2018 BMW 340i M-Sport 6MT, 58k MSRP loaded, $413 after $2k incentive + save $1k on tires, $0 DAS

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW 340i M-sport 6MT
Location: Los Angeles County

No longer available.


Beautiful car and must be so much fun with the manual but that’s gonna be tough to move here at that payment without giving a bigger incentive.

You might have better luck on SAL…


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Save the manuals!

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Beautiful car and option combo. GLWT

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Thanks for the feedback. I see M340i deals are out there but obviously no manual option.
I’m eyeing SAL as well.

Updated mileage.
Also edited original post to highlight that you will effectively SAVE ANOTHER $50+/month by not needing a new set of tires, as you would with virtually every other listing on this forum. It’s easy to simply fixate on the monthly payment when looking through these forums and and forget that you invariably need to buy a new set of OEM or equivalent tires before returning a 3 year lease. BMWFS requires at least 4/32" tread.
The OEM Bridgestone Potenza S001 tires for the M-Sport last ~25k miles and cost $402 front/$474 rear for each tire. Equivalent max summer performance tires run $200+ each. That’s $1000+ after tax, mounting and balancing that YOU WILL NOT NEED TO SPEND.
Hopefully this info will help someone in the future, no matter who you decide to take over the lease from.

How much is servicing costs left for the car? I also think brake fluid flush will be due (3 years after manufacture date). When and how much will that be?

From BMW maintenance booklet:
Due at 20k miles/2 yrs: 2nd oil + filter change, replace ventilation microfilter.

I found conflicting information about brake fluid replacement.

  1. BMW’s maintenance booklet does not list it for the first 30k miles. The onboard computer will give a light when it needs to be changed based on driving style and usage. BMW of Buena Park service tech says this as well.
  2. BMW of Monrovia says due 2 years after sale date (not build date). Quoted $230.
  3. KBB says first brake fluid flush at 30k miles. https://www.kbb.com/bmw/maintenance-schedules/

I’d call the dealer you plan to return to to ask their policy. Obviously you can get it serviced at an independent shop for much less.

You could also transfer complimentary maintenance to you for $700, I believe. Not worth it IMO.
Source: BMW lease transfer

I think the date is shown in Service Required menu in car status. Can you tell me the date there?

Engine oil 1/2021
Brake fluid 2/2021
Vehicle check 1/2023
Front brake pads 30000 miles
Rear brake pads 31000 miles

I didn’t even know that feature existed.

Incentive increased.

Incentive increased one last time.

I agree. I looked at that option once on a lease transfer I took over (after the dealer asked for $550ish for the 20k service (oil/filter, cabin filter, brake fluid flush I believe). I declined and did the work myself for (seriously) like $50. That said, one can be devious and simply reset the service reminder light themselves (but if BMW asks for proof of maintenance, you may need receipts). That said, Ive never had them ask (even when I hoped they would so I could present the saved receipts!)

Yep, easy to DIY if you have the time and will. A brake bleeder saves some time too.

Still available! Updated miles.