2018 BMW 340i Lease 7/1/2018

MSRP: $51745
Selling Price: 46974
Money Factor: 0.00166
Document Fee: 799
Acquisition Fee: 925
Lease Incentive (BMW): 3000
Residual 61%
License/Reg Fee $418
Sales Tax 6%

10,000 Miles
36 Months

Pay drive off up front $2924
Lease $499/MN

Is this a good deal?

Seems like you should be able to get an additional discount code somewhere… They have so many… Looked into BMWCCA?

No? What are the benefits from that?


BMW Car Club of America. Membership gets you like $500-1000 and only costs $150 or something. It’s a quick way to get a few hundred off the price. What about loyalty? Where are you located?

Is this an m-sport, or just regular 340i? Regular 340i should go closer to $400 than $500 with minimal down.

I could help you with getting a better deal. My name is Lance Chavez. I’m an Internet Sales Advisor here at Valencia BMW. Feel free to shoot me an email and we’ll discuss your options.


Welcome make sure you register as a dealer


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No loyalty, would be my first BMW-- located in S. Florida

Regular 2018 340i

you’re in CA? anything you can do in S. Florida? lol

Just did. Thanks for your help.

I could… Just need to pay for shipping fees. Lol