2018 BMW 340i 56.3K MSRP $410+tax with $2.7K driveoff


Hello everyone,

Everything is in the title, it’s for a 12k/36 lease. Let me know what you think.

Well you didn’t put selling price, incentives, demo/loaner, and what’s in that 2.7k DAS…
But it looks like you’re simply looking for go or no go. I say GO because $410 + (2700/36) = $485 which is under 1% at 0.86%. I am also assuming brand new car.

Yes it’s a brand new car. Driveoff includes 1st, bank acq, doc fee, license fee.

Discounts include 6k lease cash plus college grad rebate.

Cap Cost is 49,490 and residual is 60%.

Go for it. I’d probably even say go for it if it was a loaner.