2018 BMW 330ix Lease deal?

How does this look:
MSRP: 50,485
Disc: 3,855
Rebate: 5,500
MF: .00071
Fees: 1,341 (incl $950 acq and doc fees)
Tax 1,509
Net: 43,979.81
Monthly payment: $550

includes 15k miles, $950.23 up front (first month’s and doc fees)

Thanks for your help!

Are you sure about these numbers? Discount is pitiful for a 2018, but the MF is way below BMW’s base rate of .00177

Thanks for the quick reply.
Here’s what I have:

I definitely could have the MF number wrong. Can confirm. Thx again.

I’d be looking for 15% off a new 2018 at this point. 20% if a loaner. That’s BEFORE rebates.


Is this a good deal?
2018 BMW 330i xDrive loaner lease?
Convenience package, Navigation, Apple play, Blind spot, Heated seats.

$399 down $399monthly payment excluding tax! I am recent college grad and have OL code


How did you get the OL code?

What do you guys think about this one:
Vehicle Price $49,035.00
AutoNation Savings - $5,240.00
Customer Rebate - $3,000.00
AutoNation Price $40,795.00

  • tax and fees

Cash Due $910
36 months
15,000 Miles

What’s the MF?

I believe it’s the current BMW rate of .00177. I also asked for res value. Thx for your input.

18 or 19? new or loaner?

need more input. What’s the MSRP, selling price, and rebates you qualify for?

Mediocre discount for a new car but terrible if it’s a loaner.

How’s this lease offer in CA for 2018 330i? Thanks!

MSRP: 48985
Sale Price: 42988
Down payment: $2750
Mileage: 15K / 36 months
Money factor: 0.00167
Residual: 57%
Monthly payment: $338 plus tax

Here’s where this one ended up back in March. Money due was first month’s Payment plus fees.

Is that 24 or 36 mos? What is the selling price before incentives? Is that actually down payment or is it total due at signing?

36 months and 2750 down. SP: 42988 as it has convenience package, driver assistance etc. there are separate drive offs with documentation/registration/… fees

That’s only 12% discount. You could get that on the all-new 2019.