2018 BMW 330i Xdrive vs. 2017 c300 4matic Loaner


Been browsing this site for a while hoping to snag a new lease this time of year. So far have it down to these two:

2018 BMW 330i xdrive (new)
2017 MB c300 4matic sedan (loaner, 6k mikes)

Seems like the BMW is the way to go. But do I have any more room to push in any of these deals?

Member of USAA, but both dealers saying they can’t stack the rebate…

My goal is to be under $315/mo with minimal drive offs

Do you have the correct money factor for each? Post in the MF/residual forum here to get the numbers for your area.

You should also think about using MSDs to get a lower payment with the MB. The BMW will likely be more expensive since it’s new and I believe BMW no longer accepts MSDs to buy down the money factor.

Are you eligible for BMW loyalty? It’s $1.5k this month.

Fleet & USAA should stack this month.

Also, they have the acq fee marked up by $170 (it should be $925). Not sure about the MF, because I don’t see it. The base MF (without a markup) is .00152.

In terms of discounts, it looks like you are at $7k off before the $3k holiday. That’s 16% off prior to incentives, so I don’t think there is much if any room there.

Also, there is a promotion in the north east right now with an extra $1k off, just register for it: http://twinfarms.eventsbmw.com/1 and I think you can stack that on-top of the Holiday & Loyalty rebates.

BMW MF — base .00152
MB MF— .00139 (dealer not budging)

Dealer said “losing $4k on this deal, if we use USAA we’d only lose $3.5k” not sure what that means…

My parents have a BMW, does loyalty extend to that type of situation?

I picked up a $1k X3 driving event coupon earlier this month and dealer said it’s factored in…

Do you live in the same household as your parents - e.g. Same address? If so, then yes.

What they mean is that they wouldn’t change the price w/ USAA, but they will keep the $500 incentive so they loose less money on your deal.

So, you are at $6k off from the dealer and $4k in incentives for the $10k.

I’ve got ~12k off of a BMW 3 series loaner before. Including $3k holiday cash and $1.5k recent grad OR loyalty.
36mo/15k 0 down 316/mo

You can do better than that on a 2017

This was the deal I had on a Base model 17 loaner. I freakin had to wait 3 days to go in because I was in finals week and the car got sold. Now the dealership has a new manager and he is as STIFF as Howerd Sterns ya know what. Offers bad discounts.

The 330xi is new, not a loaner. For that, I’d say $10k off a brand new car is very good.

Correct. 330i is 2018, brand new—50 total miles.

Seems like it’s a sweet enough deal to pull the trigger on, was just hoping there was something else I was missing to throw at the drive off fees or cap reduction.

The MB loaner seems like it has the potential to be the better deal with the MSD available on those but dealer doesn’t seem too motivated to move it.

Thanks for all the feedback.