2018 BMW 330i xDrive Loaner Lease Help


Thank you in advance for your help. I was offered the following from my BMW dealer on a 2018 BMW 330I xDrive Service Loaner in CT and am wondering if there is anything else I need to consider or ask :

Mileage: 2,181
MSRP; $51,830
Sales Price: $45,820
Residual: 60%
MF: 00153.00 (with 7 MSD’s)
Accessories: $169 (not sure what this is)
Government Fees: $200
Proc/Doc Fees: $599
Acquisition Fee: $925
Gross Cap Cost: $48,564.32
Rebate: $5,500
Cash Down $500 (first month)
Net Cap Cost: $42,564.32
This INCLUDES 7 MSD’s of $3,500
Monthly payment including tax: $471

When I was going to pass on the car, the dealer took another $1,000 off, lowering my monthly payment to $427.85 a month 36/10 with $430 (first month) at signing plus $3,150 for MSD’s.

Is there room for negotiating further or is this a good deal?

Thank you for your help.

You’re doing everything right, it just isn’t enough discount. This is a 2018 3 series loaner. They’re only giving you 11.5% off which isn’t enough, especially given the $599 doc fee. You could potentially arrange that on a new 2018 3 series. I’d look for at least 15% if you have to have it, and ideally 18-20%+ - otherwise move on.

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Exactly the help I need! Coming out of an X3 and dealer really wants to move this. Not even sure this car will be right for me. Thank you for your quick reply!

Of course they want to move it. Its a 2018 demo unit. The discount needs to be much stronger.

Dealer wants me to take it for the weekend since I’m undecided if a sedan will even work for me. Do you recommend discussing the reduction first? I have no problem walking away if I can find a better price somewhere else.

Take the car and see if you like it. If you do, you can tell them that the only thing in the way of delivery is the price. Taking the car is a soft close for them, but a free test drive for you.

By all means take it for the weekend, just don’t let them try to guilt you into taking it or something afterwards. If you look around these things tend to go for 20% or more off BEFORE incentives, especially given the fact the 2019s are now hitting lots.

Thanks so much for the advice. Can’t tell you how much this has helped!

Did you see my post on 330 ix m lease? Use my numbers!

Thanks Joal…very helpful!

I did finally include 7 msd, and reduced the out of pocket by 500 off the initial offer, and put everything ($4750) on a visa for the rewards points. Will post monthly lease- close to 240.

As long as much of that down payment is MSD"s your good and if your payment is about $250 that’s really good , well done post some details

Yes…would love to see breakdown. Thanks!

Thanks All, for your input. Took the car for a couple of days. Great car, just not for me. Really appreciate your help!

Be aware of the most common problems generally corroded alloy wheels and low-profile tyres. Good luck! :clap: