2018 BMW 330i X Drive Loaner

Hello all -

I was hoping for some help on the below. Monthly payment seems a bit high… 2,800 miles currently on the car.

MSRP 46,185.00

selling 40,300.00
sales tax 1,346.05 registered in CT
3,000 down from you
rebates: 3,000 from BMW (shows as money down not off the sale price)
Money Factor - .00188

license reg fee: 275
inspec fee: 10
doc processing fee: 75
tire waste fee: 10

3 year 12,000 miles per year $419/month

Please let me know the best way to work these numbers down lower.

Thank you!

Not good… please read through similar posts as there are a ton of recent ones about 3-series loaner leases.

  1. We need more information like money factor, residual, etc.
  2. You should be around 20% discount off MSRP or more BEFORE any manufacturer rebates for a’18 loaner.
  3. Never put money down besides for potentially some of the fees.

Any idea what the money factor is? It’s just over 12% on the discount, not very good for a loaner. Shoot for 20% plus

Money Factor - .00188

That is base MF, so that’s a plus. Your money down is better spent on MSDs. And, as others have said, shoot for 20% off.