2018 BMW 330i Lease

MSRP $48,960

$0 down $528 per month.

Pretty good deal imo. Did the dealer apply the costco incentives? Also what package did you got with this car?

Can’t stack Costco and Fleet. So I went with Fleet. And I got convenience package, NAV, blind spot detection, upgraded 18 inch tires.

Seems like a good deal, but that Texas tax is killer. Do you know if tax credits are available?

I don’t know of any dealers willing to give tax credits here. This deal was like pulling teeth. Most other places quoted me from $590-640 a month with a similar MSRP and 0 down.

Yeah, that sucks. Your negotiated price seems pretty good for a new BMW, though, so if you can’t get tax credits, it seems like a good buy.

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Agreed. Thanks. The dealers here keep arguing that they didn’t want to heavily discount due to tariffs coming soon.

I feel like BMW leases are going to get more and more difficult to negotiate to a decent price, with tariffs, rising interest, etc. :frowning:

100% agree. It’s already a lot tougher than last year.

Thats what i expected. My current 2015 328i was priced 49k and had almost simlar package. My family need is changing and a small sedan is no longer approved by my wife. Wish I could get another 3 sereis. Well done.

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