2018 bmw 330e So Cal

I was quoted this by a local dealership in so cal but I’m sitting here scratching my head as I am confused to where he came up with these numbers. Any opinions? In a previous email he stated selling price 43450 + incentives.

Here’s the lease numbers on the vehicle of your choice.

The residual is 61% at 10k and 58% at 15k along with the $5,000 rebate.

Selling price $43,450.00

Payment Details
Term 36
Base Payment 470.28
Total Payment 514.96
Purchase Option 26,025.50
MSRP 47,975.00
Est. Miles Per Year 18,000

Amount Due at Signing
1st Month Payment 514.96
Acquisition Fee 925.00
Fees & Insurance 664.00
Upfront Taxes 511.95
Total Inception Fees 2,615.91
Rebate as Cap Reduction 4,384.08
Total Drive Off 7,000.00
Total Cash Required on Delivery 2,000.00

Getting an organized quote is key. Here’s what I typically ask for:

Selling Price
Term (Months & Miles)
Residual (% and/or $ value)
Money Factor
$0 Down
Monthly Payment

That’s all you really need to figure out what makes sense for you and what doesn’t.

I guessed on your tax rate but this looks close. I adjusted the residual for the extra miles you have figured in. Again as @sextant stated you need a better break down, mostly the total cap cost, what that includes and the MF

You should be able to negotiate at least another $500 off the sale price, and come up with at least 2k more in incentives between loyalty, conquest, OL codes, USAA, and Costco. That will make a pretty big dent in the monthly