2018 BMW 330e - Performance - NEW - $54,265 MSRP - $357/m - $1,474 DAS, 24/10


I was offered the following deal:
**MSRP: $54,265
**Selling Price: $47,000
**Monthly Payment: $357
**Cash Due at Signing: $1,474
**Incentives: $7,000

**Months: 24
**Annual Mileage:10,000

**Region:Long Island, NY
**Leasehackr Score:13.2

Is this good or bed? not sure if i will go with that anyhow because of negative equity on my trade in . :frowning:

add in MSD and drop that to 327

Not sure but i think there is no MSD in NY.

oh bummer xxx

For a new that is not bad.

Seems decent, but are you tied to the 330e for any reason? I searched cargurus.com earlier and there are few in the northeast especially since it’s not all wheel drive so limits your options and how aggressive a dealer will get. You must be looking at Oyster Bay or Freeport.

The $7K lease cash is nice, but you can likely do better on a 330xi loaner with MSD if you got it from NJ/PA/CT.

On a side note, did you get a quote from Carvana, etc for your trade to get a baseline figure? You are somewhat trying to thread the needle to get the best possible deal on a rather rare car while maximizing the value for your trade.

Basically wanted to switch from Acura TLX to BMW. Got a quote from Carvana . 5k of negative equity.
Have to wait…

That probably makes sense…There has been some 320xi loaners on here in our area as cheap as $220/month plus tax.

Keep in mind you are taxed and paying interest on the $5K negative equity so closer to $5,600 all said and done.

With a 24 month lease, you would be paying more for the negative equity than the actual car.

This is close to my deal back in late January (beats it by about $900) but I did MSDs and I’m in CA. Some CA BMW deals are better than in other states but elsewhere on LH it had been said that RWD cars don’t sell well in wintery areas, so deals are better there. Rebate is higher now than in January too.

Loaners have broken the $200 barrier here, do a search. Some here lately have done new for under $300 as well.

Maybe you can get more off MSRP? If patient and not set on that car, call around, you may be surprised. Especially since lease support on 2018s will soon be gone.

Thank You All for helpful suggestions.