2018 BMW 330e Perf 30/15K $1,000 Down $402/mo

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2018 BMW 330e Performance]

MSRP: [$48,495]
Selling Price: [$43,035]
Rebates: [$5000 Factory, $1,500 Loyalty, $500 USAA]
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [30]
Annual Mileage: [15,000]

MF: [.00125]
Residual: [optional]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$1,000]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$402]

Zip Code: LA
Sales Tax Rate: [9%]

Leasehackr Score: [11.4]

Also, is the Drive Event still going in So Cal are they really giving out $1,000 credit after negotiated deal??

Curious what your thoughts are on this deal? I read somewhere that between last month and this month the 330e went up ~$90/month because of unfavorable BMWFS #s. Curious if you guys think this is a good deal, ok deal or I should wait until mid/end of december?

someone on this forum said some driving events got cancelled but not all. In any case, i think the driving events were scheduled around this time of November so you better hurry to find out if you’re planning on going.

As a general rule (not BMW specific), December is traditionally one of the best months to lease as manufacturer’s try to get their numbers up before the end of the year. Specifically the last few days of December can push dealerships to be extra aggressive to meet the yearly sales goals.

Seems like you’re respected in the community so thanks for your feedback here. What do you specifically think about the deal I currently have? I’ve contacted a few dealers and they wont touch those numbers for the deal I currently have on a 2018 330e. Do you think it’s worth waiting for in December to find out?

It’s solid deal, you also may qualify for the $1500 CA rebate. However, have you considered the 530e? Deals on that car seem to be picking up and it’s a newer bodystyle with more tech. It’s msrp is the same as the 530i.

$3000 more factory rebate in 330e.
There is a $1500 CA rebate for 530e not 330e.
It works out to be about $200+ monthly payment… for 15K miles, but then you do get the $1500 rebate so its about $150+/monthly more for a 530e base.

@hart, overall seems to be a good deal. Beats our 1% rule.

Do you have a breakdown of the $1000 due at signing?
Any particular reason to do 30 mo ?
Did you try to price out 36 mo and 24 mo? would be interesting to see the difference.
12% discount on a 2018 seems to be a decent discount.
I would try hard to get my hands on the $1000 driving event and if you can get it, i’d prob pull the trigger if i could get the driving certificate.

It’s just $1000 out of pocket everything else rolled into monthly.

36 months is $405
30 months is $402
24 ? I’ll have to find out maybe save a few extra bucks lol which is good cuz the 3 series is redesigning in mid2018 for 2019…

The drive event is completely booked up and sold out called every dealership… on a waiting list…plus it’s $500 from factory plus a $500 match a dealer I’m already -2795 behind invoice…

Also looks like the driving voucher is only available at the specific dealership and its not valid with USAA. In the end it may be a worse deal because not all dealerships will match the deal I got i.e. another dealer said max is $1,000 back of invoice. I’m thinking its a good deal in the end plus driving around 15,000 miles per year savings with hybrid comes to be $80+ in gas/month.

24 month will be terrible. The federal rebate will only kick in on 36 month leases.

They still give USAA discounts? say what?

Lol yeah usaa is $500 on leases not stackable with $1000 drive event