2018 BMW 330e Loaner With 4000 Miles


What are the expert thoughts on this one:

2018 Loaner in Texas (so describing without sales taxes, which would be on sales price).
MSRP - 47505
Sales price - 41500
Incentives - 6000
Net of incentives price - 35500
10k miles, 24 months. 4000 down and 99 per month.

It seems to me that the discount on MSRP before incentives is too low at 12.5%, right? The nice thing is that it has never been titled, so if I can get the same terms on a Buyer’s Choice then I can still get tax credits (federal and Texas). Of course, have to pay high sales taxes here as well.

And, just to be clear, 10k miles per year… first post, haven’t quite gotten the hang of this yet!

Figure out what the money factor they are using is to see if they bumped it up.
Rule of thumb here is to not put money down in order to save yourself from losing money if you happened to wreck it after signing.
Seems like roughly $300 monthly factoring in the $4k?

Owners Choice should be the way to go with a BMW PHEV in Texas, but I believe the minimum term is 30 months so depends what constraints you have. I don’t know whether there is any restrictions with Owners Choice and ex-demos or loaners, I’d be interested to know.

Have a read of some of the posts on this thread, I mocked up an example deal on a brand-new 330e: Noob Questions.. why california lease so cheaper than other state?

Yup, I am working on an Owner’s Choice deal with them. They have the car marked down 15% before the 6000 incentive, so I’m trying to get them down to at least 20% given the miles and the fact that the car has been with them for a year.

Also they’re saying that I can’t get loyalty cash with my father-in-law as co-signer since he lives in a different house, but I thought it was possible… anybody know?

I should be able to get full tax credits, which will make up for the monster taxes.

Oh, I’m dealing on a different loaner than originally mentioned…

That should be a very good deal if you can get the higher discount level and the incentives on top. Don’t necessarily put all your eggs in one basket though as you only have 3 days until the month ends and interest rates could go up and incentives go down.

Yeah, I hope I can make it work with them.

In this situation, would it be better to make an all-in offer and see if they can make it happen through some combination of discount and incentives, or to negotiate the discount then ask for max incentives (which appear to be $8k)?

There’s different approaches, but with this kind of deal I would normally tell them what I was looking for vaguely (e.g. Owners Choice, 30 months, x% discount, etc) and see what their initial offer was. Then based on that I would counter with a more specific offer. If you’ve already test driven a 330e and like it try and do any other negotiating via email, especially as most of the BMW dealers are not great in Texas.

believe this is BMW of San antonio’s special offer…

they require 8500 down.

also texas is closing owners choice program so not accepting any new clients. ( what i heard from 5 different Bmw Dealers in Texas… )

Oh man, without Buyer’s choice I think I’m out of the market.

Just to be clear, are you saying they’re not offering it at all anymore? There is a difference between what you said that they’re winding down the program (i.e. it’s still there but will be stopped soon), and it’s ended completely. They still have Owners Choice all over there website and have not heard anything about it ending, but they might pull it once this month ends.

Bear in mind as well that most dealers will not want to offer Owners Choice over the other financial products as it’s a bad deal for them.

that’s what i heard. talked with 3 managers and 1 director…(idk if this is their name tag for manager)

told me exact same thing.

They still have the Program but Not offering anymore. and most likely officially going to close the program soon. at least in Texas for sure ( they said )

i explained them about the hybrid car rebates. only 1 of them understands what that is. others were like… “Thats only for Tesla or EVs!” ( yea right you don’t know lol.)

and today, i called dealer in chicago and asked about owners choice and they are happily helping with the program… guess its Texas only thing.

I’d definitely be interested to see how that goes. If you can still get Owners Choice from another state, plus the Fed and Texas state rebates, and other incentives you can still get a great deal.

As an FYI for other people the Owners Choice program is active for Texas, Georgia and Illinois so dealers in those states are likely to be the only ones to know about it.