2018 BMW 330E Lease

Went to my local BMW dealer (South Fla) expecting some high prices and they delivered

List Price 53,000
Lease price approx 47,000
$3300.00 Down…WOW. I asked that that was M|BMW Bank Fee plus 900 for dealer docs, first month and a bunch of other fees not including tax which could be $450.00 unless I transfer

36 Months/7500 Yr

Price $670.00

I passed. Any thoughts?

You know it’s a bad deal, so what’s the point of this thread?


The point is BMW deals are terrible in South Fla.

It’s true… but when you shop around there will likely be a dealer who will want to work with you. I emailed about 6 dealers in south Florida and one in Orlando and was lucky to land a deal at BMW Pembroke Pines. The key is to negotiate as much as you can through email/phone and then once a price is worked out you go in to sign the paperwork. You could always see what @BMW_Dave could do for you in CA and have the car shipped. Even with the shipping it could still be much cheaper. Good luck!


Thanks for the heads up. Vista is really outrageous. You gave me some great ideas.