2018 BMW 330e Lease Deal


I have an initial offer on a 330e. I have not negotiated yet, but I wanted to run it by you experts early on so that I don’t go down the wrong path. Here it is:

MSRP: $50385
Price: $45000 (this needs to be lower, but how much?)
Total Cap Cost: $45925
Rebates: $7500 ($6k lease credit, $1k loyalty, $500 USAA)
Adj Cap Cost: $38425
RV: 61%
MF: .00147 (with MSDs)
Customer Cash: $1601.16 (DMV, 1st Payment, tax on rebate)
Monthly Payment: $315.28 plus tax ($339.71)

Leasehackr score: 12.9

Thanks in advance for your guidance!

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That looks pretty good on a brand new 2018 330e with that MSRP. $6k lease credit is pretty awesome. You would think that you could go lower on the MSRP, but with that large of a factory lease incentive and a dwindling 2018 inventory, that’s not bad.


Thanks. I see what you are saying…the 2019’s are looming, and not much inventory. But 10% off didn’t seem great.

On the other hand, a payment under $340/mo including tax…on a MSRP of $50k, brand new…that seems pretty good.

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Yeah, if you look at this post by george - GeorgeCSL Lease Deals. Updated Monthly! - he mentions that inventory of 2018s is getting small, and you’re actually his deal which is pretty good


Effective ~$385 for a 36 month lease on a $50k car is an amazing deal no matter how you slice it. I’d grab it now.

If it’s 24 month it’s still a decent deal IMO.


What is the mileage? 24? 36?


It is 36/10. Sorry, forgot to include that.

How do you figure $385?


Taking your DAS, backing out 1st month, dividing rest by 36, adding that to $340. Adds ~$40 per month.


There may be a bit more room, but really, this looks pretty good.


Take anything you’re putting up front for the cost of the vehicle, average it out for the rest of the months. Add to your monthly payments including tax. It paints a better picture of the cost of a lease instead of the dealer tactic of “$99 monthly payment, but $6000 down”

The lease incentives and the MSDs are making your lease a good deal. I leased a 330e earlier this year with weaker incentives, no MSDs, 52k MSRP and put absolutely nothing down for ~$470 with taxes.


You might be able to get the selling price a little lower if you really push. But overall it’s a solid deal.

I can imagine there are not many left at this MSRP, so if it’s within budget you might want to just pull the trigger.

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Keep in mind there is no 330e variant of the new 3 series until 2020 so if you want the plugin you have to move while there is still stock on the outgoing F30 version.


I have a couple of questions, as I have a very similar offer on the table from another dealer.

  1. Dealer #1 took the $500 USAA as Cap reduction. Dealer #2 took it off the selling price of the car, and said that this is better because then you don’t pay tax on the $500. Thoughts?

  2. Dealer #1 rolled the acquisition fee into the payments, and Dealer #2 said I should pay that fee (along with 1st month, taxes, DMV, and document fee) upfront so that I’m not financing those costs. He also said that by paying the fees upfront, it would keep my MSDs at $350 each…whereas if my payment goes up, then the MSDs would be $400 each. Thoughts on this?

I’m trying to compare apples to apples on the deals, but it’s difficult when they’ve structured them differently.

Edit: Here are the numbers from Dealer #2

MSRP: $50695
Price: $45000 (includes $500 USAA discount)
Rebates: $7000 ($6k lease credit, $1k loyalty)
Adj Cap Cost: $38000
RV: 61%
MF: .00147 (with MSDs)
Customer Cash: $2686.64 (DMV, 1st Payment, tax on rebate, Acq fee, doc fee)
Monthly Payment: $297.88 plus tax ($326.17)

Leasehackr score: 13.7


I’ll say Dealer #1 has better deal. cost ~$1,000 less than Dealer #2. and it’s a good deal! I got mine 330e back in August for $415 a month $0 due at sign. don’t forget to apply for BMW CCA and electricity company’s rebate.


That’s a solid deal as is. You can probably push 12% off msrp, that’s what we got off one. But you have more incentives applied than what we got. If you get 12% vs 10%, you’re talking about $11/month.

I would be happy with the deal as written from dealer 1.


Thanks for the input.

  • Should I be trying to have the $7000 in rebates cover the DAS? Or don’t they do that?

  • We like the vehicle at Dealer #2 a little bit better. If we had him roll the acquisition and doc fees into the payment, what else would we need to do to make it as competitive as #1? You guys like #1 better, but they seem almost the same to me, so not sure what I’m missing.

Thanks so much!


You could have the rebates cover the DAS, but then it’ll push up your payments since you’re using that pool of money up front rather than discounting your monthly payments.

We like deal #1 more because it (effectively) saves you money compared to the second one; you’re putting more cash forward for a lower monthly payment but overall you’ll spend more money over the life of the lease on deal #2. But that also was assuming both vehicles were exactly the same; if the second one a better fit for what you want (specific features, color combinations, etc) it wouldn’t be a bad deal by any stretch of the imagination.


I just Googled CCA. That seems like a good deal, especially since we have another lease coming up in June…so that could mean 2 $500 rebates.

I don’t think the 330e qualifies for any electric company rebates because it’s not efficient enough. I checked Federal, and California. Maybe you know something I don’t?



i was shocked when i check the Federal and it does not qualify, since the 530e qualifies. I see… the SoCal electric company follow the HOV lane car list… I guess you won’t qualify from them then… I think CCA only works for 1 car per year… so you might want to see which car to apply will be more worth it .


But it’s 1 car per calendar year. We’d buy this one in 2018, and the other one in June, 2019. I’d be an associate member for an extra $30, and it seems that would work.