2018 BMW 330e - Good deal?

Please provide some feedback on the following offer–

Year: 2018
Model: Loaner BMW 330e
MSRP: $51,085
Selling Price: $46,640.41
Rebates/Credit: $7500
MF .00165 (Latest by BMWFS)
7 MSDs
Monthly (incl. tax): $359
DAS: $2000
Mileage: 36/10k

To loow of a discount. Shoot for another 5%.

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Originally was only 6%…definitely agree especially since the incentives will expire at end of month and they will have to discount to cover that

Check out the forum. Some people have gotten 16-18% off msrp. Its a loaner, fine it doesn’t have too many miles, but still.

Yeah I’ve been reading through the forum and why I felt the deal wasn’t good. Sometimes you just need someone to echo what you are thinking

Dealer isn’t budging…told him to call me when it’s sitting on his lot at end of month and the $6,500 lease credit is about to expire…they have 3 loaner 330es on the lot and the one with lowest MSRP is worst deal…

How many miles are on it? 10% discount is low and likely 2% or so less due to the mileage penalty.

As you suggested, I would just wait it out and give them a call in a week or so. To the dealers defense, if they think they can sell it at lower discount, more power to them, but maybe your ask goes up.

850 miles, they just punched another with like 80 miles on it

Gotcha…so pretty much new…need at least 15% or not worth it

Yeah I asked for another 5% but would’ve settled in the middle, will update If they come back calling

May qual for CCA If it’s under 1K.

It’s an outgoing body style so shoot for 18% however be ready to sign at 16% before rebates. Explain the 2,000 DAS?

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Keep walking on that deal. In my opinion, that is ~$100 per month too high.

Worked it over the weekend and found another dealer much more competitive. Any room left in this?

Fair deal if you’re okay with the numbers but I wouldn’t feel a shred of remorse by pushing harder on discount to get under $300/mo (18%+)

The door on 2018 3’s will slam shut and remain closed come 5/31.

Maybe try 24-month lease instead of 36?

I think I negotiated with the same dealer on Apr. 30, got the same ridiculously low discount, which pushed me leasing an X1 instead. No regret w my X1 cause the it’s much much cheaper. They probably didn’t want to play ball last month knowing the lease support would continue in May but I’m sure they will be playing ball if called again last day this month.

so lease support on 2018 3 series is at 6500? how does it break down?

It’s for the 330e, I think it’s $4k for the 330i

is loyalty the same for all? if so do you happen to know how much?

$1k for 2018

on all 3 series? reason i ask is because i see some people say 500 for loyalty and other 750… for 2018’s