2018 BMW 330e $56.5k MSRP - $316 + tax and $0 drive off

Official deal

2018 BMW 330e (New)

**MSRP: $56,535
**Selling Price: $47,045
**Monthly Payment: $316 + tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $0 except MSD
**MSD: 7 ($2,800)
**Incentives: $6,500 (No loyalty or OL)

**Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: 0.00165 – w/ MSD 0.00130
**Residual 67%

**Region: CA
**Leasehackr Score:16.7

After BMW CCA and SCE rebates, it’s essentially $260+tax and $0 driveoff. I am satisfied!

This dealer has a 2018 M3 CS and 340i still available.

Offer no MSD or down upfront and someone will take it in a day

I’ll take it right now, for no down/no MSD’s :sunglasses:


I didn’t do the deal yet. Doing it tomorrow.

Without MSD and $0 drive off, it will be $383/month.

I just want to get the loyalty for the 530e

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If you look around on here you can probably grab an OL code.
Does this 330e have M-sport and a lot of options? Sounds like it from MSRP

Good luck!

No M-sport but it’s loaded with a lot of things…all the packages. Even has the power rear sunshade.

Sadly, I believe OL codes are non-transferable. Actually, Rusnak had an event YESTERDAY but I didn’t go…because of the rain and my wife wanted me to spend time with the family. Hah.

Will post pictures later when it’s officially signed!

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John, if you back out of that deal, please let me know!
I’d like to take it. Surprised you found a 2018 somewhere!

I got a code from a local dealer in L.A. and used it at bmw of Palm Springs, it is worth a shot for $500 :slight_smile:

If you are doing a 24 month lease you won’t qualify for the CA EV rebate.

330e doesn’t qualify for CVRP rebate.

Did you just ask the dealer straight up? “Do you have a spare OL code?”

Oh good to know. Thanks.