2018 BMW 330 Xdrive Loaner 3500 Down +taxes/Fees $400/Month 36 Months

Hi Guys,

Looking into leasing a BMW loaner but wanted to stay between 250 - 350 a month. I would have also liked to get a 24 month lease being the new 3 series comes out in the spring.

Is this a good deal ?? Or can I get much better one. Deal is @ NY BMW dealership

2018 BMW 330 Xdrive Loaner

Msrp - 46,185

Sale Price $38,185

Mf on the car - .00182

Residual on lease - 60%

$3500 all in drive off.

low 400s for 36 months. For 24 months it will be $50 more a month.

Try negotiating a new one, the difference shouldn’t be that much

In what sense do you mean ?

Use @nyclife’s services. You will get much better deal!

There is an extra 1000 dollar rebate on new, so it doesn’t make that much sense to get a loaner.

Oh okay I didnt know that. But also new would be more expensive no ??

Can you get me some numbers on a 330

Sure, I charge a $100 dollar retainer fee upfront.

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