2018 BMW 330 Loaner


In NC.
Working on getting the money factor on it but considering this and a few other options. It has ~ 4200 miles so i think with the residual adjustment everything is solid.

MSRP 52,560
Sales Price 38,999.00
Rebate 3,000.00
Adjusted Price 35,999.00
ADM Fee 589.00
Tax 107.67
Non Tax Fees 121.00
Net Price 36,816.67
Balance 36,816.67
36/10k payment 364
$364 DAS (first month payment only)



Really nice deal.

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I’d grab that immediately if it meets your needs.

2 yr lease may even be cheaper. Try that

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Solid deal, even if the mf is marked up. Just get it.

Good call…2 year lease will be a few bucks cheaper. Also OP should look into marked up MF in lieu of Acq fee, which might knock it down another couple bucks.

Im getting a . 2 year quote. i was looking for a low price 320 and this popped up. I think they had a few loaners that look like they lease well if anyone interested.

Actually 925 acq fee will be cheaper… At higher priced car (roughly 45K+), increased MF costs more. So stick with 925 acq. fee.

Calculate it yourself. This deal with the 24 month term would be cheaper with the acq fee waived.

24 month is 353. NICE! We were trying to find a unicorn type 320 as a second car hoping around 180 and this came up. Thus the debate as we really werent looking to spend that much.

I need a deal like this in NY asap

How much is the DAS ?

Just first month payment

Wow thats awesome man

-_- how the hell is this possible.

When im going to dealerships and they want to charge me 479 with 4500 for a 320

They exist - got to find demos with big discounts! If i dont pull the trigger today im happy to refer someone.

I would have to get the sale price to 35k before rebates right ?

Just like @jon said, I calculated it out and it was cheaper by a couple bucks, which is why I suggested…it wasn’t much but every bit helps.

Yes. Probably true. I didn’t run the #s for this deal. But in general, at a combination of 45K+ MSRP and/or lease length, it is cheaper to stick with Acq. fee vs. higher MF. Also, another thing, not everyone at the dealer is aware of this and it is bitch to get this done.

How much are you saving in a 2 Vs. 3 year lease?

After 2 years, won’t you have to get another car, pay taxes, acquisition etc. on the car…

I’m in the same boat and debating 24 months vs. 36 months lease.

Any advice?

Its an interesting thought consider fees its probably cheaper in the long term to go three years but id rather get a new car every two years for what amounts to be a small savings over time. Reality is youll pay those fees again in another year and good two year leases are still less common than three so itll take a lot of leases to really make a financial difference. Id always go shorter/cheaper payment over longer unless its a car you love and want to keep and/or the lease is so cheap you want to keep as long as possible.

Final deal:
msrp: 52560
Sales price: 38999
Mileage adjustment: 955
66% residual
.00182 MF
Rebates: 3750 (i have loyalty which is 750)
First month DAS