2018 BMW 320xi Lease Transfer $308/mo (tax included) + $1000 down payment + transfer fee. 17k+ mileage year(CT)



Hello Leasehackr’s and individuals. I’m currently looking for an individual who’s eager to take a well equipped 2018 BMW 320xi. The vehicle is in great condition. Tires have a lot of rubber, the brakes, discs don’t need replacing for another 38k miles(states on computer and bmw tech told me). The fluids have all been changed at the dealership and all maintenance is up to date. I’m way under mileage on this vehicle leaving you with plenty of driving. The car costs 308 with CT TAX(8.25). The MSRP of the car was 43,395 according to the spread sheet.

I’m looking to transfer the vehicle over to a new owner. all I ask is a 1500 downpayment that and you pay the transfer fee. There is 29 months remaining, however I will pay the December date. The car was also an executive demo which was leased at 4240 miles, the car currently has 8,873 in the almost 8 months of me driving it. This equates to around 1420+ miles a month of driving or around 40,600 miles of driving for the whole lease term. I do still drive this vehicle daily, but don’t put more then 600 a month on it.

Below show’s all of the features of the vehicle.


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Miles at Inception:4240
Original Contract Total Miles:45,000
Miles Allowed at Turn In:49,240
Excess Charge Per Mile:$0.25
Term Length:36 Months
Contract Start Date: 4/30/18
Contract End Date: 4/30/21
Residual Value: $24,234.10

The application requires three steps. Step one, you assume the lease by paying the $500(400 refunded if denied) to BMW of which you will complete a credit app. Upon completion of this, BMW will send us both paper work to sign and mail back with has to be with contingency with their likings. Upon the completion of this, BMW sends us both an email confirming all documentation has been reviewed and completed which then allows me to release the vehicle to you.


Great price. Good luck!


how fast or slow is this car compared to others with its small engine ?

I been a little interested in it


you state CT, would be helpful to know a more exact location


The n20 in the F30 320i is rated at 181 HP + 199 Lb-Ft of torque. In comparison, the B48 in the 330i is rated at 248 hp + 258 lb-ft of tq.

If you buy a JB+ for 200 bucks, you can bridge the gap a bit in the n20. It won’t bring you to b48 numbers, but it’ll get you halfway there.


Thanks, I appreciate that. thinking about getting one because they have pretty aggressive deals on them


I got a 48k 320i loaner last Jan for under 3/month. I wanted the 330i for the B48, but couldn’t pass up the deal. I was surprised on the n20 and it was zippier than I thought it would be. That said, adding the JB+ made a difference and gave it a little more oomph.

You could theoretically get more expensive tunes and gain even more, but, for a 2 year lease, the 200 JB+ was good enough for me. Hard to believe I have to give it back in 13 months already.


Dope sounds like a blast =)


Hello guys, the vehicle is moderately fast for what you get. I believe the 0-60 is around 7 seconds? I haven’t tested it nor really had the urge to do that lol.


I’m also in the Hartford/Tolland region.


Hello guys, I’m willing to drop the downpayment to $1,000+ transfer fee for this vehicle. Below are what dealers normally charge. Feel free to PM me, or ask me any questions that you have. Thanks.


Great deal, good luck


Hello Lease Hackrs, car is still available. I’m willing to hear offers.


Loaners are going for under $300 with nothing down. You should be able to sell this on Craigslist or swap a lease though. If using swap a lease call them and tell them that leaseteader offered to list it for $200. They will match or beat that.


Doesn’t swap lease charge extensive fees just to list. I’ve heard mixed reviews.


Follow what I posted and you’ll just pay $200 max. Offer $100, they might do it for that as well