2018 BMW 320xi - $204 24m/24k w/ taxes

What car did you get? lol and as far as I know, yes.

Funny story, last week I was trying to get a 5 series from a dealer in Georgia, and they told me BMW did NOT waive taxes for one pay and it was illegal for them to evade taxes. I told them fine and would rather get a different car in my local market, and they laughed and said good luck telling me what i was doing was illegal and they had the best deal in the nation so no one could beat them.

Today, I have a shiny new bmw in my driveway and they discounted their car $1,000

hmmm…Edmunds said 67/66/64 for 10/12/15 at 24 months

Currently? June was 67/66/64…it’s been 66/65/63 since July

I ended up getting C class with full TX sales tax(ouch…) I wanted 3 series more than C but since BMW doesn’t take MSDs, I decided to go with MB.

yeah August 19th.

“.00166 and 64% / 58%
Add 2% for 12K or 3% for 10K”

I almost got into it with the Finance guy for trying to steal $460.95 from right under my nose, but then I remembered they were probably losing a few grand on the deal and i was coming out way ahead anyways

what the hell…did you shop around? They have tax credits on the C class, or did a few weeks back

BMW MF is ridiculous but they have a ton of rebates that offset it if you qualify and are available.

Actually, Edmunds is right. I was going off memory, and apparently my memory is off. There is a 1% reduction on the 320.

lol, but yeah…i thought those numbers were for all 3-series, but I guess you learn something new everyday

Not single MB/BMW dealerships in DFW area offered me tax credits on C class or 3 series.

I’ve got 25% off from C class loaner so I feel like i did pretty good but your one pay amount is about the same as my 10 MSDs($4,500). Will def try BMW 1 pay lease for my next lease. Thanks again for good info.

it changed in July for some reason…the 330 and 340 are 1 number, and the 320 is 1% less for whatever reason.

Sick deal with 26% off! Enjoy your new ride.

Most of the dealers in my area won’t go beyond 18%…

IIRC, the 330 and 320 now have exactly the same motor. The 320 is just de-tuned from the factory. So a simple aftermarket tune should get you to 330 power level.

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not true in the US…other countries, this is true. The 320 is still the n20. The 330 is the B48. When the G20 comes to the US, the engines are rumored to be the same at that point.

You can get a jb+ for 200 bucks for the n20 which won’t get you exactly to 330 power, but it’s a nice compromise if you’re only paying 2 something a month for a 3er.


Expand your search radius :slight_smile:

Yeah i would second this… they both have 2.0 turbos, but they’re different beasts.

I drove both and there is now way a simple tune would do these wonders.

:smile: simple but true… Any pictures to post?

Go for the jb4 or stage 1. Just a few more connections for way more output. Not sure about 320, but on the 528 the difference is profound.

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What was the deal on the 5-series in GA? I can’t seem to get any dealers in NC to play ball.

It’s my understanding (and maybe I’m wrong), the JB4 would be advantageous to the JB+ should additional mods be done. If no further modding, all you’re using is Map 1 anyways, which the JB+ handles.

The Stage 1 would be the way to go, as it gives you some warranty support should something happen, but it’s a pricey outlay for a car you don’t own too.

They were offering 12k off before rebates, I got them to go to 14k but the taxes was killling the deal.

the deal might be good for some peeps, but not for me.