2018 BMW 320ix I was offered.Thoughts and advice

Hey guys. I’ve been shopping around and got this offer.
2018 BMW 320 ix SA
MSRP $46,294,
Gross Cap Cost $40,995
MF .00166
RV 60%
Aq Fee $925
Doc Fee $75
$3000 Lease Rebate
Net Cap Cost $37,995

$413/Mo, $2,919 Drive off.

I’m looking to get to $350/Mo. It’s already 11% off MSRP. Would going for 13-14% be insulting?
I didn’t tell them about the CVS & Costco Fleet Discount I get which removes another $1,000.
It seems alright, but it has tons of options I don’t want and I would be paying for.
All your advice and ideas are welcome. Thanks

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What state are you located in?

I’m in New York. Seems like dealers start getting tight when it gets below 11% off MSRP

I’m in NJ. I currently have a 2018 320 Xdrive with 5,500 on the clock. It’s a 24/10k lease that is due back on 11/13/2019 so plenty of miles left on the lease. My payment is $311 with NJ tax included.

A few months after I leased this car, my work situation changed and I only commute 8 days out of the month so I’m thinking of lease transferring this car for something sub 100/month.

It’s Mineral Grey with black interior and only options being heated (sport) seats and heated steering wheel. Let me know if you’d be interested in lease transfer.


Thanks for the offer but I’ll pass.

No problem! Apologies for hijacking your thread lol…