2018 BMW 320i Mineral White - SOLD

Currently going through a credit application with a buyer


My first post so please excuse me and teach me if I need to correct something.
Looking to get out of my 2018 BMW 320i Lease since my 2nd kid is arriving, so we need something bigger.
Not sure if it is a bad lease or not but it was good for me so I took it…

Model: 2018 BMW 320i
Color: Mineral White Metallic Exterior / Black Interior
Options: Comfort Access Keyless entry, Heated Front Seats, Active Blind Spot Detection, etc. (can find more info on the window sticker)

Window sticker

Location: La Mirada, CA

MSRP: $38,260.00
Residual: $23,338.60
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $275.47

Contract mileage: 30,000, 36 months
Current mileage: 13,000
Remaining mileage: 17,000
Effective miles per month: 1,416
Maturity date: 2/13/2021 (12 months payment left as of 2/10/2020)

Financial institution: BMW Finance
Transfer fee: $500
Disposition Fee: $350
Incentive for new lessee: Negotiable
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Not sure
Registration paid until 2/13/2021

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: The vehicle has a clean title and was never in an accident. It is fully up to date on maintenance, registration paid, good thread left on tires, and etc… so pretty much only thing you would need to do is pay the monthly payment.

The bumper has a damage from my wife backing up to her mom’s car’s front license plate.

Other than these, no issues with the vehicle. It is kept in garage without any smoking/etc, and very clean. The most recent BMW yearly maintenance was done in January 2020 so no service is needed. I purchased BMW Ultimate Care Plus as an extended maintenance program and it covers the brakes, wipers and clutch in addition to the regular BMW Ultimate Care that comes with the vehicle.

Serious buyer only, looking to get out by end of February 2020.

Please let me know if you want to see the photos. Also welcome to show the car.

Thank you everyone!

Interested (I’m in So Cal). Please send pics of exterior and interior. Please show the damage in pics up close.

Thank you.

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You really dont need an incentive because it’s probable whoever takes over will re-sign with bmw after a year and save the dispo plus get loyalty. Your monthly is pretty low so many people would take it w/o any incentives. And you have plenty of miles left so that helps your case


hey sent you a pm!

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Thank you very much for the advice!

Apple Carplay? Not sure if that would get listed on the window sticker, so wanted to confirm.

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No Apple Carplay or Android Auto

Sent you a PM, thanks!

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The bumper should be easy to fix with some touch up paint, the curb rash some dealer will ignore it. but over all this should go fast since BMW Ultimate Care Plus is transferable!

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FYI, You can install full screen carplay on your own for about $100 or so. I used this site and it works great and was super easy. oemnavigation dot ga

What is nice is you cannot even get full screen from the factory.

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