2018 Benz E-Class E43 AMG 4MATIC Lease


Here is a google drive link to a lease for an e43 AMG. This isn’t the exact vehicle I want but I believe the sticker price will be 2-3k more than this one. I just went in to get some rough numbers without negotiating. Currently have a lease with Mercedes but first time dealing with this dealer. This lease option is with 0 down, 3k security deposit, and 5k security deposit. 36MO/12K. Only offering a year of service. Once they locate the exact vehicle I want I will send the new numbers in this thread with more details but just wanted to get opinions on how to lower the sticker price and get a better deal. Thanks!

That’s a terrible discount, but not sure how much a dealer would discount an E43. I’m guessing 10% off max, which still won’t be a good deal. Also, there’s a big difference between the listed drive-off ammounts and security deposits.

$1200/mo for a $76k car is insane. I’d think you can get an e63 for that price.

are you dead-set on an e43? everyone’s buying suv’s now so I believe there are deals to be had on sedans.

people were posting deals on bmw 540i m sport models for around less than $800/mo.

when I was car shopping in December, 2017 Audi S6’s could be had at 1%, and that’s a twin turbo v8.

Terrible Deal. That payment is insane.

I just looked at Edmunds, the 36mo residual is almost 60% which isn’t bad. the money factor, while high, could be worse, but it can also be bought down with MSDs.

no reason the payment should be so high on this car. people have also posted somewhat reasonable deals on C43’s, which has the same powertrain.

Jesus! $1200?! Please get a G550, S Class, any Maserati, BMW i8, Acura NSX, or etc with that type of money.