2018 Audi S4 quote

Got this on an S4. Have a strong discount but according to my calculations they have raised the money factor. Opinions on best way to proceed?

Premium plus

Msrp $57,125
Discount 5,712
Rebate $1,500
Sale Price $49,912

Money at signing $0
Monthly including tax (9%) $710

Dealer hasn’t disclosed residual or money factor.


Missing miles per year.

Ouch! I have heard Audis do not lease well, and that could be part of it.

I assumed 10k/yr at 60% RV. MF is listed at .00171 (not marked up). Based on that and your discount/rebates payment should be $684 with $0 due at drive off. If you do max MSD you can drop that by another $50/mo to $637/mo.

Get the fat trimmed out of the MF/fees, and see if you can get the discount up anymore. If you can get it down to $637/mo you are still over the 1% rule, but not by as much. (about 1.1%)

Aaaaand this is why I didn’t get an S3. This is a horrible lease. Run!

do you need the lease now? Audi deals typically get a little better once they kick off season of Audi… summer of Audi should start within a few months.

Aside from that, MSDs will help a lot.

I saw the residual at 57% for 36/10 and the mf at .00064 on edmunds.

I would get the residual and money factor they’re using. With those numbers I’m about $100 less per month. But I would try using a lease broker or looking at another dealer. Best discount I’ve seen on an S4 is 16% off MSRP; you’re only 10% off.

I honestly wonder why anyone would consider Audi when you could lease a 70 or 80k BMW for that much.

Can you provide some examples? Because the lease quotes I have received on BMWs have been even worse than Audi. Show me a 340i or M3 lease that’s competitive.

I love the look and feel of Audi, but I too wonder how they are staying in business. When I can get the equivalent Infinity vehicle for hundreds less per month??


Went to the dealer down 5 minutes from me. The first deal was out of state.

Msrp 56,xxx
Sell price 49,xxx
10k/36 months
$615 per month including tax at 9%
0 due at signing (sign and drive)

Wrote me a check for $950 to cover the last two payments on my Mercedes.

Still not 1% but I’m some markets it’s just not possible. It’s nearly impossible to get figures available in places like SoCal compared to Missouri.

When they “cover” payments on existing lease alot of times they BS people and just tack it onto your new lease…

If thats the case here your payment is about $30/less a month which isnt a horrific deal, but not a “steal” either. I personally haven’t seen a “steal” on an s4.

Brand Marketing…

Same reason why people would take base model loaner’s from the Germans and not consider other brands…Everyone wants to say “I drive a insert a German brand here

You’re right they usually do that. But I didn’t mention it untilafter I got that figure of $615.

he’s referring to demo/loaner 5 series that some people were able to hack due to huge discount off msrp coupled bmw lease support on sedans.

for the most part, bmw leases just as poor as Audi these days.

Best S4 lease to date. So enjoy your car :slight_smile:

I have been looking for a Audi S3 or BMW M3. They are at two different price points, but they totally lease different. I would just buy a CPO S3. Nothing new that Audi’s don’t lease well. M3 is only little more.

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Asian vs German. Plenty of people like me would never consider an Asian car

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Not sure why i can’t start a thread but need a little help here…Sorry OP, hope you don’t mind me adding to your thread, since they are the same car.

Here is the deal I’m about to sign tomorrow…Please let me know if you guys see a BAD deal or not:

2018 S4 Premium Plus
Daytona Grey exterior, magma red interior
Nav Pckg + S sport Pckg + Black optic Pckg + Fine nappa leather interior

MSRP: $61,750
discount: $7225
Net Selling price: $54,525
Dealer/st fees: $1440
Tax: $1440
“net trade”: -$942
Incentives: $2500
Customer cash: $3000
Residual: $35,197
MF: 0.0064 (~1.5%)

They are also paying $1000 for my last BMW payment (1 month left) and disposition fee.

10miles/year, 36 months… $4000 out of pocket (downpayment, 1st month, fees/taxes, etc)


So your $3000 downpayment is really a $2000 CCR, because you’re effectively paying yourself $1000 to handle your BMW lease. Right?

Regardless, we do not recommend putting any down payments. Rolling that into the deal your real number is around $85/month higher.