2018 Audi S4 prestige lease

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What would be a good deal for 2018 S4 prestige msrp 62,200 ny state plus I qualify for loyalty discount any suggestions pls let me know

use the search function and let us know


About $100

Assuming a discount of 10% + $4250 in incentives (1k in loyalty included), MF of .00178, and a RV of 51%, 36/12k, Your payment should be around $780/month assuming a tax rate of 8%.That being said, you could save $100/month if you get a premium plus with the same MSRP.

Thank you so much I probably would do 10k per year because I don’t do more then 7k do you know if miles can be rollover I think I heard that but not sure. I would do P plus instead prestige but very low inventory so I want to check it how big is the difference

Going to 10k from 12k is a 1% bump in residual. So roughly $20/month is savings. What do you mean by roll over? You sign a lease for a total of 30 or 36 miles if you don’t use all of them, you may get a check for X cents per mile under the total miles, but that varies from brand to brand. It doesn’t matter if you don’t drive the car the first two years then do 30k miles the third, if that’s what you’re asking.

I mean if at the end of the lease I did only 15k miles and the lease was 10k/36m I roll over 15k miles to new lease so New lease (also new Audi) is 10k/36m plus 15k that I got from old lease

No, you can not roll over miles like that.