2018 Audi Q5 Texas

Greetings to all! I apologize in advance if i am not following correct “protocol”, as i am new to this site! Sooo, im being offered a 2018 Q5 Premium Plus lease for $800 flat with nothing down. I have 10 payments left on a previous lease, which will be paid off by dealer. This will include Audi Care as well, am i getting a good deal? I have excellent credit as well! The deal is in Dallas, thanks in advance and i look forward to any insight!

You haven’t given us any of the details so I say go for it. Sounds like a great deal!

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$800/mo for likely a $50k car is a bad deal.

But, sounds like there’s a lot of negative equity rolled in, and if you aren’t receiving tax credits, you’re also paying tax on the full value of the vehicle.

You’re missing a lot of information in here. I don’t think the dealer is actually “paying” your 10 months of lease, merely rolling in negative equity onto the lease.

Buyout of trade?
What is dealer offering for your trade?
MSRP of Q5?
Selling Price of Q5?
Residual Value used?
Money factor used?
Incentives you qualify for?
Taxes paid?
Dealer/Document fees?

All information we can use to determine if we can fix this.

What other details am i missing? The
deal seems not too shabby, since i do have 10 previous payments being “eliminated”. Nevertheless, i need help!!

Perfect, will relay that!

I don’t think anything is being “eliminated.” Semantics matter here with these types of financial decisions.

It looks as if your negative equity is being rolled over into the new lease.

Yea I dont think they are eliminating the 10 payments, as StingerTT said, its likely they are just rolling those payments into the cost of the car, which would explain the $800 payment on a $50k car. Getting the details requested above will help everyone give a better detailed breakdown.

There is no pull ahead on Audi let alone 10 months. You need to figure out how much negative equity you have with your current car and factor that into a new lease separately from any deal you get.

About 7k in negative equity.

Yikes. I’m surprised they’re even rolling that much in. That’s about 210 dollars more a month you have to tack on.

Are you able to sell it private party or lease transfer?

There may be better ways to get rid of it.

What is the car you currently have? I’m guessing a Nissan from your account name?

Is that 7k in actual negative equity or is 7k the total of the remaining payments?

It’s my wifes car, 2017 A4. *7k in remaining payments.

How much is the dealer offering for the A4 versus what the buyout is?

Remaining payments will not apply here since there really isn’t a pull ahead program. The dealer will have to buyout the car and roll over any negative equity into your new lease.

$700/month for an a4 ?

Was there negative money rolled into that lease?

Find out what the payoff is and shop around to carmax and similar places.

Maybe the negative equity is less than the cumulative payments.

$640 to be exact and yes there was significant amount of negative equity!

Unless you’re rich, and as you’re only going for lower end Audi’s I’m assuming not, you’re making terrible financial decisions repeatedly. Getting out of an A4 is not going to be easy as it’s a sedan so depreciation is severe. Just play out the last 10 months and get a good deal in October time.


Yeah unless there’s some reason you absolutely NEED to be out of the a4, just ride it out. Audi could have a pull ahead when they kick off summer of Audi in July.

Your just compounding the problem by repeatedly rolling in negative equity.


It’s just a matter of preference for my wife and i obviously am financially well, but some bad financial decisions were made at a younger age. Given what we owe and what we would be getting, it wouldn’t be as bad. Though if i cannot get a lower payment, i will wait it out. Thanks for the reassurance!