2018 Audi Q5, is it a good deal?

Msrp- 49,180
Selling price-43,468 (11.6% discount)
DAS - 0
Monthly payment - $549 including tax
Duration - 36 Mths/ 7.5k Miles
working with the dealer on msd, how much is the limit for this?

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anyone please?

That seems way too much a month for a Q5 with only 7.5K miles a year. Where are you located?

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The best I’ve seen on remaining 2018 Q5s is 15% off MSRP before incentives. Chicago area.

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Philadelphia suburbs, PA

Extra miles doesn’t add much to the payment. Q5 is a notoriously bad leasing vehicle.

This deal seems relatively good for a q5 if nothing is due out of pocket.

Msd would help a lot.

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how many msds are allowed? Thanks

They told me 10 when I went to the dealership this weekend. I was looking at an A4 and the dealer told me the savings would be minimal though. I checked their math on the lease calculator and all 10 would require over $5500 while saving about $1500 on a 3 year lease. Not sure about the differences on a Q5 but it doesn’t hurt to play around with the math beforehand.

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The reason for asking was that salesman said 11, but I read in the forum that it is 10.
He has not done the new number calculation yet.
Thanks for reconfirming that it is indeed 10.

Sure. The Q5 pricing above is not far off from the A4 deals I’m seeing in the western half of the state but it isn’t a great market out here. Pittsburgh was actually the highest followed by central PA. I had better luck with dealers down in MD and Cleveland. WV was pretty dry since the inventory there just didn’t seem to have the options that I wanted. I spoke to dealerships in Buffalo and NYC as well, which were still better than PGH. Shop around if you have the time, since in just a few days my price dropped by almost $200/mo. (wasn’t hard to do since the starting price was about $760 though!).

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I got 2 quotes today one for $2500 down and 589 not sure ab Msrp for this carand another with 5k down 63kmsrp 599/month… sadly I signed a lease last week for 647!!! For 58k msrp

Dealer not ready to budge. can just make the discount on msrp 12% instead of 11.6%. Checked with other dealers and they arr asking for even more!
Not sure if I should go ahead with this or wait.