2018 AUDI Q3 sport 2.0 T quattro tiptronic Premium Plus

I am a student, first job in hand. would like to lease Audi Q3. Here is the deal i got and dealer told me “This deal is crazy” X 100 times. I typed in lease caculator and confused on the results.
AWD, 2018 Sport with Premium plus package:
40,825 destination charge 975 included
discount on msrp : 37241.75 sale price
MF: .00155
10,000/y with 36 m
audi rebate 750
customer cash: 6800
Cap Reduction: 5950
residue 59% 24600
monthly pay: 360 without tax, 362 with tax
first month free installement
restocking free 395
1 year free maintenance,2,3 OutOfPoc
Total cap reduction+ upfront charges+Adv Payments)=customer cash as above
state tax 4.5% doc fee etc inlcluded

what did i miss in lease calc, its giving me 262 /month with these details

Run if they think this is a good deal. Definitely do not put down that much cash upfront on a lease! That makes your effective payment $550 a month if you were to roll that money into your 36 month lease. While Audis not necessarily lease well, this is a terrible deal.