2018 Audi A4 Quattro Lease

Here is what I have from the dealership I have been working with on 2018 Audi A4 Quattro Premium Plus Package

Per the posts I have read, this is more than a decent deal, what do you all think?

I might sign it over the weekend.

Wondering if I should hold off for a better deal.

TIA for your feedback

Seems like a damn good deal. The 17% off msrp is what they offered? How about asking them to add on MSDs i think you can get even better per month if you add some. However, the MF is pretty low already and I am no expert on that.

Does the 17% off include all their rebates/incentives?

Yes, $2500 (lease cash) incentive + first month payment is all included in that discount.

5 MSDS will bring it down to $402 per month, I haven’t asked the dealership yet about that.

I am planning to add Audi care as well for few extra bucks per month.

I don’t qualify for Loyalty

Deal looks real good to me. I have an offer for a similar offer for the same car but im only getting 10% off MSRP.

What region is this in?

Also roll everything into your payments so you’ll get a little bit bigger discount if they give you first month free

I am registering in South Carolina.

However, this car is up north, I have relatives in Richmond, VA and I am there often, it is only 3hrs from Richmond, VA. If you need the dealership info, you can DM me, I will share the dealership info once my deal is completed.

I will check on that, thanks for the tip

hey Geet whats the residual they saying for the A4? I was looking at s4s and i got the rv as 55% at 10k/36m

53% per Edmunds and the dealer

Ah cool. Thanks for the reply. Anyone know if the RV of a 2018 models changes throughout the year? Like estimated rv on a 2018 model in January vs mid November ?

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Very nice lease!
I just got one almost identical price ($47313) and exact trim but got quoted $500 including 9.5% monthly tax.

How much more of a discount do I need to get that $419 price ???

Seems like 11% prior to the rebates/incentives. Given the rv of 53%

Dont know his mileage so might be slightly different

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Summer of Audi models have first month free and some other nice features. Although if it’s (slightly) older, maybe that’s the reason you’re getting the 17% discount? Seems like a good lease for the A4.

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Quick update: went and got the car last night.

$400/month, got a dealer closer to me who beat the above numbers.

I added Audi care: brought my payment to $411/month.

Will post pics @some point

You still had $2500 in cash down?

I am sorry, I will update the original post, I actually put total of $3k down all inclusive.

It is a summer of Audi model with premium plus package, brand new, had 30 miles on it.

Is the sale price before the lease incentive or after?
Can you share the lease worksheet as PM?

Raj1979, I hope the deal works out for you.

I’m not a pro broker or anything but I couldn’t get this good of a deal in the NY area so that sounds pretty good to me!