2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport - Looking to get one today

Hello all,

As it’'s the end of month/quarter I was trying to pick up a Stelvio today.

Below is the info I have so far from a dealer in Florida. How can I better this?

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti

MSRP $53,590
Selling price $42,350 (After rebate)

$0 down and $586 a month.

I got quotes for around $550 with zero drive off and i didn’t start negotiating yet. Should be able to get it to the 400’s.

On a car with MSRP over $50,000?

Plenty of treads on this with really good deals. $568 is not one of them.

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At least Zero down under $450.

Yes, TI Sport with MSRP around $53k

I got the quote for 53k… zero down all inclusive 600. Just first month and drive off for 24m/10k
Effective cost of lease: 14400
Debating what to do

You can do better, don’t rush. What’s the selling price? Incentives at $3250 or $4250?

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My quote in NJ today for a $50.5k Base Sports is $630/month, $1,200 DAS, 24 months/12k miles. Dealer suggests there is $1,000 less rebate this month for older units. Seems crazy compared to what others got here.

Yeah Glendale Alfa Romeo has $399 a month for a $49940 MSRP with an unknown DAS might be $2500.

My name is Justin Sutton and I work for Auto Express Alfa Romeo in Erie PA. I would love to offer you a quote. I have stole so much business from out of state including New Jersey based on being transparent and giving real quotes. I don’t do the whole bait and switch. I bet I could get you a better quote if you give me the opportunity! You can text/call me at 814-504-0544 or email me at jsutton_aepeach@yahoo.com

Feel free to look my name up on Google. Just search Auto Express Fiat of Erie and my reviews will speak for themselves. This offer goes to ANYONE looking for a dealer that doesn’t monkey around. I want your business!

I have been the stores lead sales specialist since 2013 and I love to help people. You have nothing to lose by giving me a shot. (Yes, I am a registered Dealer on Lease Hackr) If you email me, please provide me with your zip-code, what term you need, miles, and the type of vehicle you’re interested in (preferably with the packaging you want). I am also willing to personally pick you up from the Airport if you fly down. (I’ve done this many times)

Thanks Everyone


Justin_Sutton is THE TRUTH on Alfa’s everyone!! Has GREAT selection and BETTER pricing! Awesome to deal with. He deals with all states and was telling me he’s done deals with 9 different states since registering w leasehackr.

Looking for a Giulia or Stelvio? Don’t mess with anyone else! Quoted me sub $400 with TRUE ZERO DAS on Stelvio Sport Ti! Very very knowledgeable and easy going. Will work with your budget.
Like other people on here, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend giving Justin_Sutton the opportunity to blow you away w his pricing.

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