2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Closing September Special!

Hello Hackr’s I hope you all are having a great month, if not maybe i can help make it better with a new Stelvio for you! :smile:

Most of you all who have been following the Alfa community on here know that the numbers took a turn this month in the favor of the bank…However I’m still doing anything and everything i can to make deals for the community!

Please Select a Stelvio Ti Unit from our website and i will get you a 1% lease with your first payment down at 39 months, we also ship across the nation but please understand each deal is subject to your states lease stipulations and taxes!!!
I’m happy to work a deal on a Giulia however once again selecting a TI is the most car for the least $$. Feel free to select a stock # and PM me.

For Example: MSRP: $47,890

39 months 10k miles $478 due at signing 38 remaining payments

I appreciate the opportunity this community has continued to provide, however i’d appreciate serious inquiries only there are plenty of calculator’s on this site guys!!!

Thanks guy’s Happy Hacking!!

How bout 0.5% deals. Anyone can get a 1% deal on a alfa

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If you want to select a vehicle Dany I’m happy to take a reasonable offer to my owner.

Jetta payment for a 47k Alfa? Put me down for 3 please :slight_smile:


There is zero way a 0.5% payment is going to happen on a Stelvio this month - the lease rates changed significantly. @AlfaFTW’s deal is pretty solid for this month.


whats the difference between TI SPORT and TI RUSSO


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Difference is Lusso have a lower residual

If you meant option wise, the Lusso have nicer interiors and among other features I like them for the leather stiched dash

I meant options and driving wise

OMG, Stelvio becomes more expensive than Lexus RX. What next - people would be happy to get this overvalued car for 600/month?

Totally agree – RX is a far superior vehicle

In what sense is RX far superior, please? Superior ugliness, for sure :slight_smile:

Dude, you beat me to the punch lol :joy:

In sales and reliability. Do you really want to spend your saturdays at the dealership. I do agree the non-f sport versions are a little T-Rex looking

You are too slow. I “lloat like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” :slight_smile:

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I answered your question about trims in the other thread you posted it.

Clarify “in sales” please? More popular? Sure. You should have clarified in your original statement, IMO. I can only agree with reliability.

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Attention spans are in short supply these days.

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Has anyone tried to use CarPlay without a touch screen? Is it convenient?

More like maul like a bear

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