2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio - $499.98 PA tax incl - 27 Months remaining - 28,600 miles left - Philadelphia suburbs, PA

I leased this Stelvio through Ally one year ago. While I love the car, how it handles, the uniqueness (be prepared for lots of compliments) and the overall style, I’m looking to get back into a full size truck now with a shorter commute to work. New owner would be required to have good credit to qualify.

Terms are 27 months remaining, and approx 28,600 (edited as I forgot the remaining 3k miles for 39 months compared to 36) miles remaining. $0 down but Ally has a transfer fee of $595 that new owner would have to pay . Ally does not charge a disposition fee.

Stromboli Grey
All Wheel Drive
Front tinted windows to match rear
Chocolate leather interior
Sport package (Dark, 5-hole aluminum wheels, painted calipers, black window surround moldings, aluminum interior accents, aluminum pedals, sport leather-wrapped steering wheel, sport tuned suspension)
Cold Weather Package (Heated front seats, heated steering wheel, heated washer nozzles)
Dual-pane sunroof
Driver assist static package (blind spot, cross path detection, front/rear park assist, auto dimming mirrors, backup camera, etc)
Forward collision warning/braking
8 inch display (does NOT have Apple Carplay but there are rumors this may get added via a software update. No NAV.)

Might want to try swap a lease. Don’t think those numbers will fly here but I could be wrong.

No? I believe it’s around an 8.6 on the scale.

If you look at recent deals on 2019 then you will see the numbers. Just trying to give an example…my 2018 with MSRP of $54300 was $400 per month my 2019 MSRP of $57k is $490 these are drive off only deals. Both of mine are sport/ti

Thanks for the intel. I’m also listing this on SAL. Local deals obviously preferred but will answer all inquiries. Also, pics added and updated mileage as I didn’t include the 3k miles from the 39 vs 36 month lease.

So I called the guy I bought it from and asked what the 2019s around here were leasing for, equipped similar. He said mid 5s. Not that it means mine is a good deal but maybe put it into perspective for anyone around the Philadelphia area.

Of he is selling mid $500’s on a similar model he is taking advantage of people. I was offered $490 on a $58k unit for Justin Sutton of Erie

Math is easily obfuscated in leases, and math isn’t exactly a strong suit of your average American.


I was offered 530ish on a $54K from Justin. So don’t know why he would offer someone 490 on a 58k car… ?

Thats for 24 or 36 month with 0 down, taxes in payment.

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You can’t compare just those numbers. I mentioned mine as a reference of the above situation. The $490 was with minimal drive offs 24/10 and I have loyalty, lease return, and the $2k dealer cash. Without loyalty and lease the numbers are different. There is a lot of variables that need to be considered.

Another thing is mine would have had to be shipped so the registration payment would have been made in California not through Justin

I just read your post again and you should take that deal if you don’t have loyalty and lease return. That’s a All in Zero for $530?

thats about 1.3k drive off. first month, fees, etc. no loyalty, but have conquest.

i am not sold on alfa yet, don’t know if i can live with the interior quality and some stupid things like no tilt down mirror when in reverse, and some other weird things.

The no tilt down mirrors sucks! But, no car I’ve owned is as fun to drive. So I’ll deal with the little odd stuff.

If you choose alfa that is a good deal’

Yea. I am just coming from a Lexus GS F sport which has every luxury option. Interior wise seems like a step down, or two steps down. And I feel like there are more annoying things that I haven’t discovered yet, like a reverse camera where you need a magnifying loupe to see anything. But drives like nothing else, I agree. It’s a great weekend car, but as a daily driver in NYC traffic… don’t know don’t know. Now leaning toward X3 or a Volvo (yep, Volvo) XC60 with Polestar optimization package… Torn between the two… My top choice is Macan but they don’t lease well at all… :frowning:

I know a good Alfa deal :wink: The Alfa is so fun to drive but I just need more space and have determined I’m more of a truck guy.

You have a lot of work to do, the Alfa May not be for you :slight_smile:

Thats what I like about the Stelvio, just enough tech for my needs. I had Velar on my purchase list, and I removed it from consideration because it was way over the top with 2 touchscreens.

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