2018 Acura TLX v6 Advanced FWD - 540/month

Hi - wanted to see everyone’s thoughts on this. I think they can do better, so i walked out. Hoping they will call me back tomorrow.

2018 Acura TLX P-FWD V6 with Advanced Package
MSRP: 44,715
Discount: (5,500)
Cap Cost: 39,215
RV: 47%, $21,061
MF: 0.00054
DAS: 1,016 (first months payment of 599 plus doc, title, license)

Monthly: 599/Month, subsequently lowered to 540/month after i balked at the 599. This is for the suburbs of Chicago, so no additional use tax included. Monthly prices include sales tax.

I think they can do better, but not sure how much better. Thoughts?

It doesn’t even come close to the 1% rule so why would you ever wonder if it’s a good deal?

Forgot to put 36/15k. Wasn’t sure if the 1% rule was the same for 15k per year leases.

Also it seemed like most of the deals that achieve the 1% are either in the tri state (NY/NJ/CT) or SoCal areas.

You should have kept balking at this point.

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With a 47% residual, you aren’t going to get close to the 1% rule, unfortunately. This is just not a good car to lease.

If you have your heart set on this model, consider buying instead. Putting down $3000, and financing $36215 at 3.2% for 72 months yields a payment of $553 a month (not including TTL).

Might be the most expensive fwd car lease I’ve seen lol

I’m almost certain just the available incentive was used to discount the car, so there are giving you little to no dealer discount. Did you validate the MF, RV, and available incentives on Edmunds? The 2019’s are already on lots so I’m surprised they aren’t giving you any dealer discount.

There’s at least another $2,500-$2,800 in room on this one at the minimum.

this is what i thought. To me, if the 2018 residual value is that low, it wouldnt make sense that they cannot discount off the MSRP further (i.e. they are inherently saying the car is not going to be worth as much in 3 years, so why would i pay the same price upfront?).

We’ll see if they call back, otherwise, i might be moving on to look at Q50’s, as there have been a lot of posts about some good deals on those.

Also suburbs of chicago here, was quoted $555 for a brand new TLX A spec with same down. And those were just initial numbers without even attempting to haggle.

Not a good price at all, there’s definitely money on the table on this one. Since it’s mid year at this point, you should be seeing a larger discount. 5% to 10% on a FWD car that’s not good at leasing. 47% RV just makes it a crappy car to lease. You’re better off looking at the Q50. Just an FYI, that also is going to change shape soon, I think there’s a new body coming in 2020/2021.

I’m sure there’s an Audi or Buick/Cadillac dealer out there somewhere who will take up this challenge

You forgot Hyundai :rofl:

Yeah you’re right lol

With the spread between invoice and MSRP hovering around 5-6% on most Acura models dealers won’t give more than it seems, and you have to put in the legwork to even get that. Still, with 2019’s appearing on the lots I would have expected a push to be underway to clear 2018 inventory and dealer discounts to increase accordingly.

I was able to talk one dealer down to 478/month including tax, $1000 payment for titles taxes fees and first month. This was the 45.7k msrp awd a-spec model I was looking at last month. Dealer only gave about a 7-8% discount + the $5500 lease incentive. I believe it was a 52% residual and 1.29% interest.

I sat in the car and the interior definitely felt a little dated/not as ‘luxurious’ so I didn’t feel like it was worth the 478 and passed.

was that for a 2018 or 2019? I feel like there is more room to negotiate on 2018s, however, the dealer has not called me back yet after visiting two days ago. Not sure how long you usually have to wait these things out for?

If this is the car you want, start working other dealers. Looks like 8 in the metro area there, no reason to wait if your ready to buy.

so one of the dealers finally offered me $440/month, which would include approx $2k for my trade-in. Still seems high for this type of a car, especially when i see people getting S90’s (which are 16k+ more expensive) for lower prices.

Difficulty to compare to S90 deals given it is so heavily discounted.