2018 Acura MDX Base AWD - Good deal or not?

Got the following deal for a 2018 Acura MDX Base AWD:

(in Pennsylvania)

36 months/12k miles/0 down
MSRP: 47,195
Sales price: 41,311 (includes all incentives)
Tag & fees: 304
MF: 0.00035
RV: 56%

$450 a month inc. tax (9% here)

I punched it into the calculator:

How does that look?

Something doesn’t seem right with the numbers. The payment should be $479 if we assume all incentives aren’t taxable, which is unlikely. Did you leave out a cap cost reduction? Any numbers incorrectly stated?

It’s hard to tell with how secretive the dealers are. He gave me the numbers above and then went from 479 to 450 during negociation. I’m checking that they aren’t adding anything at signin above the 595 Acura fee + 304 + first month (1349 or so).

Overall would you say that it’s a deal?

Ask for an offer sheet, which will include all the details. It’s important to know how they got to that price because if they incorporated a cap cost reduction (down payment), it changes the deal completely. There really is now way to get to $450 without a down payment and those terms (unless I am missing something unique about PA). If you did legitimately get it down to $450 without a down payment, you’d be looking at a discount of around 15%, which is pretty good. Are you sure $450 includes taxes? Your numbers get to $440 without taxes, so maybe that’s the disconnect?

Although this doesn’t break down the incentives or rebates, it does give the net cap cost, which is a 15% discount. The numbers now also match up. Your monthly payment is about $400 for the car, $37 for taxes and $13 for fees. With the $450 being inclusive of all those things, this is a pretty good deal. You might be able to negotiate a little better, but if this the car you want (model, color, options, etc.), I would be comfortable pulling the trigger.

Very cool… In the NE it seems like they tend to go for a little more (Are you in CA?). They seemed to say this was a steal (as usual they make it sound like you’re robbing the bank). I got them to match another dealer who was pretty aggressive with their pricing. And yet another one couldn’t match it. The 2018 are going away to make way for the 19… I think they’re trying to get rid of them.

Thing you have to remember about leases is the dealer gets over $1K fees unrelated to the value of the car in addition to a rent charge. They also know that at the end of the lease, they are either going to sell it you at the residual value, which means your total payments will be higher than the selling price figured in the lease, or add a 3-year old car in good condition (wear and tear charges will assure that) to their used inventory, which they will then sell to someone else. That’s why dealers love leases, and can even make money if they end up reducing the gross cap cost to below their own invoice. Even with a good deal like yours, you aren’t robbing the bank. They are still doing well.