2018 Acura ILX Special Edition

Help!! Am I getting a good deal? Or can I save more money??



Selling Price:21865
Monthly Payment:248
Drive-Off Amount:700
Annual Mileage:10k

2018 Acura ILX Special Edition or 2013 Honda Civic EX-L? Ah, doesn’t matter same car.

Can’t imagine why people want these things, but honestly doesn’t look like a rip off. I think others have done better.


Thanks Mark! I guess your right on the comparison… which car would u recommend that has the same or better lease structure/ low monthly payment ?

The new Jetta for the money is a nicer car, for that payment you could also get into a 3-series fart car(loaner).

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A Bmw at that payment is practically a unicorn.

Unless it’s a stripper 320i loaner with the Badge and a steering wheel as standard.

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For $372? I was looking at the original post, I’m lazy

I’m not sure why it’s shocking to me an Acura dealer is going 27% off on an archaic car that has been panned from release, but it kinda is.

I love that Honda/Acura has the cajones to refer to their model year leftovers before a redesign as “Special Editions”… At least GM calls them “Limited”, which could have a couple of different meanings.

You may want to look into a TLX for that payment. Granted it was nearly 3 years ago, but I had 1000 DAS and I pay 291 in Maryland where tax is on the sales price. I know it was a bit of a unicorn deal but I can’t imagine you would have a hard time getting within $50 in a tax-on-payment state.

Which trim did you get 3 years ago?

It was a base. 2018 base has tons of standard equipment ie Carplay, sunroof, jewel eye headlights and I think lane assist. It’s a good bargain.

Volkswagen Jetta. You probably can get the SELs in the $260-290 range. Eventually the SEL Premiums will get there, too.

A Jetta SEL is very, very well equipped. It has LED headlights, panoramic moonroof, rain sensing wipers,ambient lighting, LCD digital cockpit,fantastic touchscreen infotainment with CarPlay, BeatsAudio system, push button start and hands free entry, blind spot, adaptive cruise control, forward collission warning, rear traffic alert, etc., etc.

Heck, a Jetta SE is incredibly well equipped!

The Jetta would tick all the boxes for me with 1 big exception…the engine. And with no options other than the standard mill, it’s a big N-O, sadly. To each their own though.

your probably better off with the new civic with the 1.5 turbo and android/apple car play

The vw 1.4t won’t win any drag races but it has plenty of low end torque and is by no means slow. The mpg’s are great and if you live in hill country it’s a monster going up long grades. Living in Colorado, I’ve gotten to the point that I won’t buy something without a turbo, they are unbelievable in the mountains, even just a 1.4 liter.

I used to think that way, too. It’s a reason I always drove Infiniti’s - they were big output, six cylinders. But these days car makers have done a lot to make small engines quick, and you can tell.

I’m not denying that. That said, 184 ft-lb of torque isn’t that fantastic anymore in a 4 banger.