2018 accord sport 2.0T manual

Hello leasehackrs! I’m new to leasing as I’ve bought my previous cars and would like some input on this deal.
Looking at 2018 accord 2.0t sport manual
36/12k lease

Retail: 33692
Discount: 2000
Selling price: 31692
Fees: 571
Tax(Hawaii): 1504
Net cost: 33767

Their offer:
1k down 462.42/month or 2k down 431.99
Sorry they didn’t provide the MF.

I know Honda’s don’t lease well based on research but seems like a lot to me given that it’s not a luxury car. Tried to lower the price but they said it’s the only 2.0t manual on the island.

What can I do to make a it a better deal?


Move to the mainland US.

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If thats true, then I guess you are better off financing.

Let me rephrase that. It’s the only white 2.0 manual. Don’t wanna finance because I recently bought an odyssey.

Hi, I bought this car for $27,500. But I had several dealers playing against each other. A good transaction price would be 27,5 or lower. Do not bother leasing, this car will hold its value. I would wait until 2019’s come out so inventory is higher, or give them a VERY reasonable offer of $28k. It might be the only one on the island but you may be the only one who wants it…

Nice! I’ll make them a counter offer and hope they bite.

There could be only 1 manual left in the entire country but nobody wants them especially on a accord. He is trying to make it sound like its a gold ticket but in reality it just isn’t.

Is it realistic for me to ask for 0 DAS and 300/month for 36/12k lease??

No. Like others have said, that car would not be easily leasable for a good price. Buying qould be your best choice

Is that a manual?

Seriously ignorant comment.

Surely is!

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Sickkkkkk. I have always tried to get a manual v6 but something always came up and couldn’t get cause qife doesnt drive stick. Finally two years earlier decided to get a nice used manual. I tried to look for a manual type S and couldnt find a neat one with low miles for over a year. One auctioned for 18k last year and aold for 23k even being a decade old car. Settled to an auto one owner with 65k miles.

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Haha, that’s practically all I’ve ever owned :rofl: I went from a 03 Accord V6 6MT and an S2K to a 2011 TL SH-AWD 6MT (took me 8 months to find that one, if you ever come across one BUY IT) then the new Accord. They were all a hoot to drive and rock solid reliable. Hoping that the new turbo engine is as reliable as my V6’s have been - 15k miles so far, I did 240k in the 03 and 178k in the TL before I sold them. Really liked the GTI but the Accord drives just as well and I’ve never known a GTI with over 100k that wasn’t a total basket case.

Its a nice car but I always found the 3rd gen better looking than the 4th. But that ShAWD is sick. Friend had an auto, i cant even imagine what stick would have been.

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Looooove it. AGP is gorgeous. And yes the 4g is fugly as hell no doubt. But the interior is really quality and most important SH-AWD and a stick is unreal, especially in the snow or rain. It’s like driving a RWD car with the traction of AWD.

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Wish they could bring Manual back. Sucks that almost everyones quiting on them.