2018 Accord Sport 1.5t Good Deal?

Hello everyone!

Here at my local dealers, here is the best offer I have received so far. My research says I should be able to do better, but maybe I suck at researching lol let me know!

MSRP: $26,675
Discount: $3,914.44
Adjusted Price: $22,760
Doc Fee: $799.95
Taxable Fees (Estimated): $166.00
Non Tax Fees: $747.00
Total balance: $24,541.13

Monthly: $335 with 1st month DAS, or $346 without 1st month and ZERO down.

RV: should be 56%
MF: 0.00092

Thanks for your input!

You could probably get a 1.5T EX-L Nav for less. They have a lot more in rebates

I’ll be sure to talk with them about it. I’ve seen a few 1.5t tourings go for the same numbers I’m getting here with nothing down as well. Guess it’s not a good idea to lease a Sport it seems. :confused:

Because Sports have only $400 lease cash, other trims have up to $2400. Search the forum. This is definitely a car you want to finance if you are set on a Sport, since you can lease a better equipped EX-L or Touring for less.

No, I got a 330/mo quote on a Sport 2.0T, 36/15, 0 down…and with our MD tax, our leases are worst.

yeah I know the higher trims have better incentives, however it doesn’t make up for the higher cost and typically comes down to still be slightly higher in overall price monthly. I know it is technically a better deal, but still costs more. I just feel the $335-346 a month is a little high for a car well under $30k. Think they are charging way too much for DOC fee and other misc.

I would wait a month for the Turbo Altima. I am sure it will be in the 300s…the SR 2.0T. I drove the 2.5 yesterday, and it was so nice! Drove like Infiniti. I measured it with Dragy, and it showed 6.86s to 60 for 188hp! The 2.0t will be a blast! The 2.5 Platinum is at .00047 and 54% RV, $800 incentive.

It’s unfortunate that it drives like an Infiniti. I’ve had nothing, but negative experiences driving Q50s/QX-70 recently. Steering is vague, suspension too soft and floaty, body roll is terrible, throttle response lacking, and the interiors were strangely laid out.

There’s a reason Q50s are so cheap in the segment. Great brake pedal, feel though. I wouldn’t buy one expecting to drive it in a spirited fashion, however. Just one man’s opinion, anyways.

I only drive Infiniti-Nissan, and don’t want anything beside.

(P.S - QX70S is hands down my favorite).

Hmm, feels really planted to me, and throttle response is very good. Maybe you got abused rentals with 87 gas in them…

Some will agree, others will disagree - but they are magnificent cars. They are 2nd in satisfaction after Porsche by JD Power.
Altima was a blast though…

I’m thoroughly impressed that you stick only to Nissan/infiniti.

I would say that Infiniti definitely offers great value for your money with standard equipment. I just hate that they are not good driver’s cars. The G37 coupe and 370Z were definitely a step apart and the 90’s Altimas were actually great little cars.

I almost got into a Q50, but only for the money… glad I did not commit because I don’t think I would have enjoyed it long term, regardless of price.

Yeah, I have driven so many cars (having worked part time at a car dealer). Drove everything from Kia’s to Audi A8L. Some notable cars were the BMW 435i GC, Audi A8L, G37x, E350 4MATIC, 550i F10, 535d, A4, A5, A6, A7 3.0T, S4, Charger Scat Pack, Jeep GC, and list goes on to Q7 3.0T, Q5, QX70, QX50…and out off all cars, I confirmed Infiniti’s to be my most favorite. I think they are perfect for spirited driving. I for example don’t really like Audi’s floaty weightless steering and hanging pedal. Love Infiniti’s floor mounted pedal!

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I suppose everyone’s butt-dyno works differently!

That’s why we have all these brands.

People have literally gotten EX-L and Tourings for less, so this is very false. The MSRP may be more, but the payment comes out to be less because of greater incentives and disocunt off MSRP. Look at ATL dealers

Sport model has a 4% better residual, which compensates for lease cash. EX-L has these small ugly wheels imo.

4% doesn’t cover $2000 more in lease cash

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Then just buy the car if you want it since you don’t want to listen to any of the advise regarding leasing other trims. $22k and you’ll always have positive equity.

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