2018 Accord LX - SoCal

2018 Accord LX

I have three of these beauties. One color is Geezer Grandma Gold and the other is Really Ridiculous Red. Come get it clergymen.


Old man tan is a good one too or arrest me red

Oh man I am diggin Old Man Tan. The red is really like bad lipstick on an old lady red.

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Also these colors are pristine, top-notch choices and I am truly surprised they are still available!!!


Old Man Tan is great for hiding pollen. The color never looks dirty!

Oh only the best colors are the last to go, you know because you ordered allot of those…Ha!

I’m interested in the red. Can I see pics ?

People are talking about hideous colors and I’m just laughing at the that insane monthly price on a 2018 “LX”!!!

Are people that dumb to pay $285+ for an LX???

Enough talk about the hideous colors and more talk about how ludacris that LX monthly payment is!!!

I was thinking the same thing…

$285+tax for a bone stock LX…:man_facepalming:

This offer is $258/month + tax. Sorry I know the numbers might be small and hard to see.

I love Danny mcBride

I love you.


Best line in eastbound and down…

“What’s that?”

“Amex Black card”

“Is that a gold card or something”

"A gold card might get you Jonas brothers tickets. A black card will get all three of them sucking your…”

Big Danny McBride fan here…

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My fave is Pineapple Express