2018 Accord lx leasing quote

Hey guys, new member here. I know Honda is not giving out the greatest deal on new accords, but I received this quote from a leasing company

39 months/10k miles per year
Monthly $298
$0 due at signing

Residual is $15,155

Is there anything else I should ask for? I’m most likely going to keep the car after the lease is up.

Thanks in advance!

Why not just buy it to begin with?


what is the MSRP and selling price of the LX?

When do you need it by? I’d wait until next month. New Accord sales have been pretty bad and they haven’t given much leasing support yet. I think they’d have to cave a bit next month and you may see some good incentives for Memorial Day.

Here’s a deal from Hamilton Honda in NJ if you are in a rush…doesn’t have all the details but you might be able to use it to negotiate.



Payments would be significantly higher and with the lease I can write off the payments for tax purposes. I have a small business

So why not continually lease?

My commute is insane

Yes, the money factor, the residual, and the selling price. That’s just to start.

Try to get a 36 month 10k mile lease, make sure you money factor isn’t marked up. The most important thing is to make sure you are negotiating on the selling price of the vehicle, not the monthly payment. Base MSRP should be $24,460 and Invoice is $22,679. If you’re located in SoCal I can send you a quote for an LX.

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If you can write it off and know you are going to buy it, isn’t it better to get higher miles so the RV is lower at lease end?

You can deduct your expenses regardless of whether you purchase or lease.

Not sure how the math is in favor of leasing considering you are paying an acq fee, a higher rate and reg/title twice just to eventually buy the car.

Can you provide a quote here for all to see?

Oh Now I understand OP’s intention. I would do one of the previous post suggested, negotiate a high mileage lease, max out the allowed mileage. So you get the max amount write off. Then you buy an used car at a low RV with cash. It only make sense this way.

I see a little better,

With 0 down for $282
And with $1282 down (Which is DMV, Bank Fee, and Frist payment) for $253

Unless you’re dead set on an Accord you should check on a 4 cylinder TLX with Tech package as those are leasing better. The gap is closing but you may be able to get a lot more car for not a lot more money.

This is the quote I received today with all the details. What do you guys think?

$239 for window etching? Tell them to pound sand with that bullshit.

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I figured the etching charge is shit

The rest of the quote is legit tho?