2018 A5 SB Lease offer

I am getting a deal in CT on A5 SB model, would like to know your suggestion on it.

2018, Audi, A5, and SB

MSRP: $53,225**
Selling Price: $49,500**
Monthly Payment: $796**
Down Payment: $0
MSD: 0
First Payment : $2481
(796)1 month + (1394) doc fee & Acq Fee + (170)Registration Fee + (121) Tax on Fee

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 15K
MF: 0.00225
Residual: 55%

Zip Code: 06105

Whats the room for nego.

Horrible “deal”. Audi doesn’t lease well. The goal is 1% of MSRP or less in monthly payment… You’re nowhere close. You need a much bigger discount to get where you need to be, because I don’t think there are any incentives on the A5 just now.

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That money factor looks a hair worse than the 5.3% on the Type-R I was quoted. I’d try to get that selling price down too.

Wow - that’s a bad offer even for an Audi.

(1) You need much more of a discount off the MSRP, especially if there are no incentives
(2) The MF is high - it equals a 5.4% APR.

Do you have your heart set on the A5 SB? There are other cars (and even other Audi models) that will be cheaper, and arguably more car for less money.

At this point, I’d hold off, and wait to see if there are any new incentives for June.


Just to illustrate how poor a lease offer this is, let’s say you decided to buy the car. If you put $0 down, and opted for a 72 month term at 3.5% interest, the payments would be $763 a month, or less than the lease offer.

I’m not saying you should do that at all - I’m just illustrating that you could conceivably just buy the car for less than you’re being offered to lease it, which is nuts.


Thanks for your input, will talk through dealer see what he says or would wait for sometime.

@rmalvi Fire those emails and start shopping with other dealers in the tri-state area. Try to get as close to .00205 MF (info from edmunds though it was for 12/36 lease, CT) and negotiate a little bit more on the MSRP. I would also check about the $1k MFR rebate that ends tomorrow (I know for certain Q5s had it, maybe its across all models?)


After nego, I got this lease offer

any help is appreciated

$1350 in cap reduction to still be over 1% on your monthly… Again, this is not a “deal”. The dealer is making thousands off you. Don’t walk, run away from this.

No no no no and no. Horrible deal.

I don’t see your sale price and MF in the updated offer, so just a general comment: The A5 SB is a nice versatile car, but unfortunately with its model-specific MF and lack of incentives it just doesn’t lease well. It really isn’t a realistic “1%” car right now. But like I said, it is a nice car, so do you want to get a “better” deal on something else, or drive what you want for three years? Your decision. Post the sales price and MF so we can see if there is more room for negotiation on either or both.

Without knowing SP or MF, how can you know what the dealer is making?

The only thing we don’t know is the SP, the money factor (assuming buy rate) is .00205.

I can get fairly close using the calc with that MF and a 10% discount and CT taxes at 6.35% but we don’t know the fee breakdown, so it’s all assumptions.

For the type of car, it’s not a bad deal. It’s also not a good deal. It just depends on how bad @rmalvi wants an A5.

You’re probably running into the same brickwall I was when trying to get a decent lease on a Q7. As others have said Audi have no interest in offering big discounts, this is made worse by the A5 being relatively new and one of their mid-to-higher end cars.

Is it a Prestige or Premium Plus (I’m guessing Prestige as $53k is a lot)? That can have a significant affect on RV and thus cost. You might be able to get the same equipment on a lower trim and save a chunk of money.

I would pass on this deal. Audi dont really lease well.


Talk to these guys for a deal

Its a p+ model with options that raise it to 53K+.

The SP is around 45K, for this.

Your nut on this car is $24,563 for 3 years. you could lease 2 C300’s for that. Not a value lease for sure…

That’s a really well optioned P+, it must have almost every option? Can you shave off some options?

To compare to something with similar performance, the Alfa Giulia can be had for 25-30% less with same driving performance. Similarly you can get 3 or 4 series, C classes for a lot less that $600 per month. But if you’re sure on a highly equipped A5 you’re not going to get one for much less than you’ve already negotiated.