2018 718 Cayman lease questions

Hello all. I’ve considered several cars: F Type, Maserati Ghibli, and now I’m looking at the 718 Cayman.

I have not been able to find anything using the search function about what sort of deals are ok for this car. The only reference to anything is a “7% off MSRP” with all incentives and negotiations included.

I’m looking at two specific cars, one for 65k MSRP red, and one for 67k MSRP silver. both base, with the upgraded Bose system as well as a few other options.

What is a realistic selling price for these two cars? How much have members gotten off MSRP with incentives rebates and negotiation?

I’ve seen .00184 MF 62% residual on 36/15, and 24/15 69%. I am located in FL. Dealers here are hard to play ball with Maserati and Jaguar.

I have a current lease that expires on September 19th, so I am looking for brands that offer conquest programs. Maserati and Porsche have 3 month pull ahead programs which would fit perfectly.

Follow up question: How much should I expect for MSRP to drop if it’s a service loaner? There are 3 loaners I can negotiate on.

Seems there’s nothing good out there for porsche :\

it seems Porsche doesn’t lease well, I bet you can get an F-type for hundreds less if you don’t get the R

I’m in the same boat and noticing a trend on ‘untitled’ loaners and corp P-cars (management fleet use)

My observation is at least a solid 10-15% knock off msrp, cpo’d

I’m still investigating the truth to MF and RV’s as we speak, and why I’m here.

Check out the Porsche offers page: http://porschedealer.com/pfs/

Compare those offers to a few of your local Porsche dealers, I noticed some significant offer differences between the ones local to me. Some local dealers will try and pass off ex-demo cars under the national Porsche offer prices as if they’re doing you a favour.

Normally you can negotiate a 10% discount on most Porsches, a little more for demo or outgoing models. Try and see how long the car has been on the lot will also help.

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Thank you!!

will try to get 15% off demo. Let’s see how it goes!

Please keep us posted. I’m in the exact same boat as you with the exception that my lease ends in November. I’m looking at the same cars though.

Bro these 3 are amazing. I’m doing my own research and also working with @Benedetto he’s the man!!! but it’s been very difficult to play ball with the dealers in FL. We are expanding to out of state.


That site doesn’t show any offers. Are they listed somewhere else?

I think the person in charge of updating that page must be on summer holiday as it’s been empty since end of June. Funny thing is they’re still linking to it but no one has updated it.