2018 540ix 636.00 36/12 picked up

67835 msrp
59xxx Selling price
4000 rebates
1000 corp disc
636 a month including tax
1700 out of pocket
bank fee, 1st month and misc fees

Not bad at all! Is this for 540i m sport? What did the car come with?

Congrats also!

Lots of potholes by me so didn’t go with msport
low profile tires and bigger rims.
Has premium, both driver asst packages,wifi, heated seats
Think that all

Is your sell price before or after the rebates?

67835 msrp
59,770 selling price
62186 gross cap cost including taxes and fees
-4000 rebate
58186.00 adjusted cap cost
407xx residual

Was this in NJ or the tri-state area?

Long Island/New York

You can really help the rest of us maybe get a similar deal by putting up the lease deal in paper from the dealer? Or PM some of us.

I’d be shocked to find out Freeport is all of a sudden this competitive.