2018 530e ex loaner lease



2018 BMW 530e ex loaner with 4500 miles
**MSRP: $59,645
**Selling Price: $50,750 (15% off MSRP)
**Monthly Payment: $514 + tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $1000 (will get $800 rebate from PG&E, so net DAS is $200)
$2,000 lease cash
$1,000 conquest
$1,000 Lunar New Year OL code

**Annual Mileage:10,000
**MF:0.00208 (marked up, I know :frowning:)
**Residual:61% then subtract $1000 for 4500 miles

**Region: SF Bay area

Not sure if this is leasehackr worthy but it is under 1% of MSRP. I am in the SF Bay area. Dealers here are not as aggressive as those in SoCal. The dot com millionaires really ruin the market here.

530e Lease - Dealer Loaner Vehicle
Hackers Opinion on 2018 530e in TX region

That’s a good deal for the Bay Area. I was down in LA last week and a dealer laughed when I said 15% off of 530e loaner. He was charging the same as the a new car which is where I laughed.


This is a great deal actually congrats! Not sure if you can apply for the $1500 clean air rebate since it’s loaner. But you should call and ask.


I have confirmed that previously registered car is not eligible for the CVRP rebate.


Sounds like a good deal, you probably wouldn’t get 15% off for a new car so that’s a wash with not getting the CVRP rebate. You’ll probably have to pay for registration renewal in the next few months since it’s a loaner though. Good looking car.


Sweet ride!


Are loaners technically registered? I thought you could still get the CVRP on loaners. Doesn’t the contract list it as “new”?


Why no MSDs?


My contract listed it as “used”.


Very interesting, one more thing I didn’t know.


No particular reason. Just doesn’t feel like putting down cash.


Which dealer did you deal with? I’m on Peninsula too, looking to get in to BMW lease this year. Can you share contact? Thanks.


Hello All,

New to LeaseHackr but definlitey read the forums before heading to the dealership. Here’s what I got:

2018 BMW 530e ex loaner with 4045 miles
**MSRP: $58,670
**Selling Price: $48,594 (17% off MSRP)
**Monthly Payment: $512 + 9.5% CA tax ($561/month)
**Cash Due at Signing: $0 (will apply for SCE rebate but don’t think I can apply California rebate)
**MSD: 0

**Months: 35 (first month covered)
**Annual Mileage: 15,000
**MF: .00177 (I believe)
**Residual: 57% ($33,144)

**Region: SoCal (inland empire)


Can you PM over dealer info? Thanks.