2018 340i (service loaner)

So, looking for advice on a few things:

  • Can you lease a service loaner if it has 5,235 miles, or does it have to be under 5k to count?

  • If so, looking at the forum, there’s a $3k lease credit available on 2018 3-series. Where does that fall in the lease hackr calculator? (taxed incentives, untaxed, does it really matter?).

  • Do all 3-series have a residual of 61% or only certain models? Does the mileage affect residual since it’s a loaner? (it seems like it should, since the car has been used more already)

  • And I guess while I’m at it, what the gut on a MSRP discount on $54,900 loaner? I’m thinking 48k maybe? Or could I expect lower? Seems by looking at some history over the past few months, people gone a bit lower even.

You can lease a loaner with more than 5,000 miles, but none of the rebates or manufacturer discounts apply, so your second question isn’t relevant if the car has more than 5,000 miles. Also, I think it varies by state.

The 320 has a 60 percent residual for 36 months at 10,000 miles, but I think the nicer 3 series are all at 61. However, there is a residual adjustment for loaners. It is .25*miles-500. So if it has 1000 miles on it, the residual would be 125 dollars less than it should have been. Also, because it’s over 5000 miles, bmw takes an addition 4 percent off the residual, in addition to the mileage penalty.

So because of all that, cars over 5000 miles really do not lease well, but for you to get a decent lease, you’d need about 30 percent off the msrp, and very few dealers will do that.

Awesome help, thanks again.