2018 340i M sport loaner lease deal

2018 340i loner lease what do you guy think about this deal could I go lower ?

I got a new one with M-Sport, nav, heated seats & blind spot monitoring from @LeaseHero for 1477 DAS no MSD no loyalty/grad/etc and the payment is 388/mo including tax for 24 months 10k miles per year.

You can do better.
It is an awesome car!

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That looks like a very nice car, but I agree with Tanik that there’s a little more room in this one esp since its a loaner. I picked up a non loaner 340i last month that was similar to yours (but slightly less MSRP of about 57K) with $0 DAS and seven MSDs and the maintenance plan on a 24/10 for 23 payments of $425 incl FL tax.

You may want to also look at the value of doing security deposits and see if it makes sense for you. It generally does on BMWs. Did they also run numbers for 24 months?

Need 25% off before incentives, this thing is distressed merchandise, you’re doing them a favor! Lol

I have seen many of you guys getting them around 400s this is a loaner with around 3k miles I’m trying to push to the 25% off MSRP and I’ll be trying to see if 24 months makes sense for me.

You can’t judge a deal on the monthly payments… there are so many incentives one may or may not qualify for (OL, loyalty, grad, etc)

60K MSRP probably is loaded to the gills with HUD, CarPlay, possibly the active suspension, etc etc but I think you can still do better on the selling price and bring things down

True, getting an OL code should help also. I did have that for my deal but none of the other ones that can drive payments down.

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