2018 330i X Drive Demo/Loaner - OK deal?

Wow - could you share what region you’re shopping in? Sounds like this dealer has decent inventory.

@tomfoolery - Thank you!

What dealer is this from? I’m actively shopping. Thanks.

pardon my ignorance but what is an OL code and how do i obtain one?

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Good question, I would like to know as well. Also, I have costco membership so curious what this incentive is as well. About to start negotiating on a loaner i think, but I have some negative equity from prior lease that will likely mess it all up! :frowning:

OL codes are special promos that dealers sometimes give for cash towards a new BMW purchase. There’s actually a nation promo going on right now to earn one: BMW Test Drive Event

You just need to get a code from Costcoauto.com and tell the dealer about when negotiating your price (preferably after you’ve settled on a price, then you say “Oh I also have a Costco cash back coupon”, that way they can’t adjust the price up on you to prevent the coupon from actually taking money off)

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working on this deal real quick. please give some input. didnt add costco discount yet. still not sure how to get ol code here in ny??

How do you get the Costcoauto.com code?

Don’t know the MSRP, but almost any 330xi for $281/m with $1k DAS is a really good deal. The MF is marked up and I think Costco incentive expired last month, but the deal is still really good as-is.

You can’t add costco. Definitely not the best, but definitely not the worst. Looks like a solid deal!

24 months may be better.

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What was the MSRP? % of dealer discount before incentives? Looking at similar demos in Boston area and best I’ve been able to get is 10-11% discount before incentives…price around $450/month for 36/15. Trying to shoot for 15-18% discount pre incentive.

300 bucks a month is solid!

I’m genuinely curious what makes this not the best?
I don’t see the MSRP, but I estimate it around 49k from mileage and residual. That would put this around 25% off before incentives and it appears to have the base MF as well.

I realize it’s obviously not literally “the best” (in a world where people have leased i3s for almost free), but seems like an amazing “jump on that right now” deal to me. I just did one similar to this a few months ago and if there’s room to improve on it, I’d really like to know.

some of the 3 series are super cheap, I did one at 199 w/ 15k a year a couple weeks ago. So there is definitely room for improvement. (45-46k msrp on that one, I forget)

Wow, that’s a great price.

Thanks for the reply. That made it all click for me. With those incentives, the same % off, and a ~3k cheaper MSRP, I’d ballpark that’s like $30 a month cheaper. Throw in loyalty, MSDs, go 24 months etc, and I can see how that goes much lower.