2018 330i X Drive Demo/Loaner - OK deal?

Hello all, been lurking on here for about a month or so, soaking up as much knowledge as I can to get in a sub $300 36/10k lease. I’ve been concentrating mostly on BMW loaners. I started communicating a dealer about one. I am in the SouthEast. Here’s the details:

2018 330i XDrive with Convenience, Heated front seats and steering wheel, blind spot monitor
MSRP: 46595
Sale Price: 36188
Lease Incentives: 3000
Adjusted Cap Cost: 33188
Due at signing: 1035 (first month’s payment and Fees?)
Residual: 27328.20 (58.63%)
Money Factor: .00188
Price per month before tax: 307

I feel like it should be under 300. I’m not sure what is going into that 1035 due at signing, besides first month’s payment, he has not told me.
At first he had the MF at .00206, I told him I have Tier 1 credit and that MF should be .00166 and he lowered it to .00188. I understand they’re trying to make up some money there.
I have Costco and a $1000 OL code. He says they’ve applied the Costco to the sales price (it was 36688), but every time I mentioned the OL code, it’s like he just ignores me and never mentions it.
The first offer was at 327/mo with a $599 paint sealer and the .00206 MF. After taking the sealer off and dropping to .00188 it got down to 307. He says that’s as low as he can go now on it. When I told him “we’re so close” and mentioned the OL code again, he asked “would you be willing to put more money down”?
So what do you all think? Is that a good enough deal and I should be happy (of course I know it’s way past the 1% rule and in general I’ve seen a good rule of thumb for BMW loaners is 20% off MSRP, which this is hitting). I just really think they’re at least another $15 or so a month here to be had.


Use costco and OL code if available… Should take another 10-30$ per month. 300 per month is a good/great price

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Yeah, like I said, he seems to be ignoring the fact that I have an OL code, I guess he feels like he’s taken enough off the price.

do a 2 yr lease. it should bring down the price per month

Hmm, you might be onto something there, when I plug that into the calculator with a 65% residual (67% if brand new, adjusting for mileage) it drops the monthly payment down about $30. I’ve emailed my salesmen to have him run the numbers for 24/10. Thanks!

Marked up MF too. 20202020

You can’t use OL Code on loaners, but you can use Costco.

I’d try to get one with the Nav package, a 3-series without nav is a sad looking car, specially with a price tag nearing $50k

Expand your search radius.

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Huh, could have sworn on one of the BMW threads I saw that they were starting to allow OL codes, but that would explain him ignoring that.

I’ve definitely had a large search radius when doing the search for these. They actually have one at a similar price (maybe cheaper) that’s a non-Xdrive with Nav & convenience but without blind spot and heated steering wheel. Maybe that one would be a better one? I do like the look of the Nav screen, is it just that much better than the regular screen in resolution? I was planning to use Apple Carplay and therefore my phone for navigation, so it wasn’t that big a deal to me to have.

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I think they’re allowing the Costco rebate on loaners now which is some sort of fleet discount that was only available to new cars before if i’m not wrong.

But as far as I know, OL Codes are for new cars only and BMWCCA rebate is also not available for loaners.

I don’t think you can get CarPlay on the regular screen, you’d need nav regardless.

I too was looking for all the options that my heart desired while searching for a new bimmer but I had to compromise on some to get the best value for the money and ultimately the best deal, but navigation was a must.

Fine print says that it is available for new cars with less than 5000 miles, and I just did it. So i promise you it’s accurate :slight_smile:

I had to teach my dealer how to do it too, because they were skeptical.


Personally I couldn’t care less about nav. Hardly use it. But the problem with APPLE CarPlay is that BMW doesn’t apparently offer it without the nav.

If CarPlay were a dealbreaker for me, I’d look at something other than BMW for now. The idea of paying ~$2,500 for a tiny piece of free software that others offer for free is kinda outrageous


That is strange, and definitely something I don’t like about BMW. However, I do love Carplay for using my iPhone in my car and there aren’t many other cars that offer the performance of a BMW 330i for the lease price that you can find them at.

Maybe MB C300?


Got a new offer for another loaner 2018 330i with convenience, heated seats and Nav

Edit to add: 4,358 miles
MSRP: 46045
Sale Price: 34863
Incentive: -3000
Sale Price after incentives: 31863
MF: .00188
Residual: 27122.95
Due at Signing: 1035
Monthly: 272.77 before tax

I’m pretty happy with this. What do ya’ll think?


Nice. Can you do MSD?

Fight for buyrate MF and see what happens. Even if they don’t budge, it’s still a good deal but you never know.

Haven’t asked about MSD. They still aren’t accounting for the $500 Costco cash in my quote though I noticed! I will definitely draw their attention to that. Is there any motivation for the dealer NOT to do the $500 Costco cash? Does that hurt their bottom line? I guess it was my understanding that the $500 comes from BMW corporate, so why would they care about me adding that in if I’m eligible and the car’s eligible?

I’m thinking about challenging the MF but I’ve seen a lot of these loaner threads the dealer refuses to budge on that since that’s where they can/do make a little extra money. It adds up to about $13 per month, which is about the same as if they accept my $500 Costco.

Why are you arguing against your own interests? You can challenge the MF and see how they respond while mentally being prepared to take the deal with the inflated MF (just don’t tell them that!)

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Buy Rate and Costco, or actually tell them you have a phobia of weird numbers so tell them to sell it for 34,500, let them know about the Costco (and have the certificate ready) and tell them you need buy rate .00166 and you’ll pick up the car today.

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Impressive. Does this dealer have on loaner wagon’s? Have been trying to snag one up here in NE - best I’ve been able to haggle off MSRP is 12% before rebates. Doesn’t make for an attractive number. They’re treated like the “holy grail”.